Guest Article

The Top 10 most watched Indian ads on YouTube in March 2019

Kia motors magical ad grabs the pinnacle spot! Read more

War on ad fraud

War on ad fraud


Manas Mishra | April 03, 2019

Industry bodies need to wake up to the menace. Read more

Get over the Millennials its time to focus on the Centennial

Get over the Millennials; it's time to focus on the Centennial


S Swaminathan | March 18, 2019

Our guest author makes a case for a new kind of target audience. Read more

Masculinity and Feminism a story in ads

Masculinity and Feminism: a story in ads...


Shefali Takalkar | March 12, 2019

Our guest author discusses gender parity - through the advertising lens. Read more

Paint nuts orange

"Paint nuts orange..."


Minakshi Menon | February 28, 2019

... says our guest author, in an essay about the value of resourcefulness. Read more

Combating Fake News

Combating Fake News...


Ritu Kapoor | February 26, 2019

... by beating it at its own game. Read more

Happy  Day dear consumer - With love Brand

"Happy **** Day, dear consumer..." - With love, Brand


Saurabh Parmar | February 19, 2019

But are we really part of their celebrations? Read more

Uber Eats Tinda ad is the most watched Indian ad on YouTube in January

Uber Eats' Tinda ad is the most watched Indian ad on YouTube in January


Subrat Kar | February 07, 2019

Here's Vidooly's full list of the top 10 Indian ads on YouTube last month. Read more

Many years back when I was the head of marketing at Cadbury

"Many years back, when I was the head of marketing at Cadbury..."


Chandramouli Venkatesan | February 07, 2019

An excerpt from corporate veteran Chandramouli Venkatesan's new book 'Get Better at Getting Better', a guide to unlocking one's true potential at work - and in life. Read more

Online Video Creating a New Ecosystem

Online Video: Creating a New Ecosystem


Siddhartha Roy, COO | February 06, 2019

The digital video boom is cultivating an ecosystem for ancillary fields. Read more

Book Excerpt Prasoon Joshis Thinking Aloud

Book Excerpt: Prasoon Joshi's 'Thinking Aloud'


Prasoon Joshi | February 05, 2019

'Reflections on Emerging India' is the theme of Prasoon Joshi's brand new book.We bring you a chapter titled 'The New Frontier: Creativity in the changing times'. Read more

In defining your brands purpose dont forget this

In defining your brand's purpose, don't forget this...


Amit K Shrivastava | January 31, 2019

As Gillette perhaps did, says our guest author... Read more

Who will protect the small agency

Who will protect the small agency?


Manas Mishra | January 22, 2019

70 per cent of India's agencies are not part of any industry association. Who then protects small to mid-sized agencies? Read more