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Bingo steps in to satisfy creator Bunshah's spicy cravings after Lay's Magic Masala disappoints him

Bingo has sent over their version of masala chips to the creator who was upset with Lay’s for reducing the spice levels of their masala chips.

Bingo has now reassured creator Zervaan J Bunshah who recently was upset with Lay’s for reducing the spice levels of their popular magic-masala flavour chips. The creator went on a ‘de-influencing’ rant in one of his recent Instagram reels against Lay’s.

Bingo- an ITC brand has now responded to the creator saying their masala chips are actually spicy unlike Lay’s. The brand says they are also ready to send a truck load of their masala chips to the creator to end his woes.

“Dear Mr.Bunshah, we came across your Instagram reel video, in that video you are upset because your masala chips were sweet and not spicy. It was really heartbreaking for all of us at Bingo. Therefore, as a token of love we have packed a truckload full of Bingo #spicymasala just for you. We promise that each chip is spicy and not sweet. Just DM us your address and this truck full of spicy masala chips will be at your doorstep,” says Bingo in its reel. 

Hilariously, Bingo made another reel suggesting that as the creator did not send across their address to them, the team has now savoured all the masala chips in the truck and now the truckload of chips is just a simple truck. However, the brand is ready to send across the empty truck to Mr.Bunshah. 

After Bunshah’s reel on Lay’s went viral, Lay’s India also reassured the creator via a DM. Lay’s India says that the Magic Masala variant he loved will return soon. The brand said that the one he had picked up in the Instagram reel was a limited-edition pack.

Many also wondered whether this was a paid collaboration between Lay’s and Bunshah; however, it seems like the creator was genuinely upset over the chips. 

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