Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

Amazon Pay takes the cashback game to the next level...

...with the #BadaHogaRupaiya campaign and Hotstar Watch'N Play game

It's a late Friday evening and you are casually lying on your bed. Hunger pangs strike you and your favourite show is about to hit climax. You pause it, scourge an online food ordering app to find your dish, order it and resume, but you've skipped dessert. Dessert would mean an additional spend on bucks. Voila! You see you have received cashback which fits your bill. The good cashback has saved you from dilemma and your dessert is preparing. The climax of the show impresses you as much as the climax you've just witnessed!

Lately, rewards seem to be the new way to grab the consumer attention and further, hold. Riding high on this wave, the payment's arm of e-commerce giant Amazon – Amazon Pay has bombarded almost every portal from diverse genres with interesting and pocket-filling cashbacks. From mobile recharge to shopping to food, the brand is available on numerous online portals and apps as a Digital payment option on which customers can get compelling rewards on transactions. To create awareness and strengthen its proposition, the brand has released the #BadaHogaRupaiya campaign. The campaign is based on the theme of improving the consumer experience by fetching them much more for every rupee they have spent.

As part of the campaign, the brand has used inanimate objects (AC, table fan, room heater, vegetables, and more) to portray an interesting and witty representation - depicting the banter and the tiffs among these objects because of the upgraded consumer experience which is a result of mind-boggling rewards by Amazon Pay. By personification of daily objects, the brand has taken the humorous route without losing relevance and distinctiveness. With cashbacks, the brand has upgraded the customer's innate desire to better things which are usually challenged by limited resources.

But this is not it, leveraging one of the biggest sporting extravaganzas – Vivo Indian Premier League (Vivo IPL) 2019, the brand has partnered with Hotstar's live skill-based reward game – Watch'N Play. The game takes the Indian cricket enthusiasts’ innate behavior of providing a running commentary on player performance and strategy, into an actual game where they stand to win big. For each win, players are awarded points which can further be redeemed as Amazon Pay coupons that can be claimed on relevant use cases. Being the exclusive reward partner of the game, and that too in a sports fanatic country like India, the brand has surely cashed-in big.

With the #BadaHogaRupaiya campaign and Watch'N Play game, Amazon Pay has successfully covered a wide range of target group. And in such a case, what is better than having a payment partner which is not just an ideal option but also offers exciting rewards across domains. To conclude, brilliantly crafted and curated, this campaign strikes the right chord with the consumers and offers them a more meaningful and substantial way to upgrade their experiences.