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8 Bit Media lets their masks do all the talking

Masks have become an essential part of the ‘new normal.’ Respiratory hygiene now plays a huge role in everyone’s life. During this phased procedure of unlocking the nation and to get the ball rolling again, offices across the country are gradually reopening for their staff. Face masks continue to be mandatory for everyone stepping out of their homes, but is this face protector fully entrenched in our daily lives as of yet?

8 Bit Media lets their masks do all the talking
8 Bit Media lets their masks do all the talking

When 8 Bit Media, an independent marketing communications agency, conducted a session to understand how their employees were coping with the experience of working from home, we are told that they were met with the standard “Matt Pooch Yaar” responses. When they delved into these responses a little deeper, they found that even as the world outside had flipped 180, client feedback had surprisingly not changed a bit.

The folks at 8 Bit Media thought this could be a fun area to experiment with and it eventually led to the idea of using their departments’ most frequently used responses to client feedback, on their masks. So now when offices resume, they won’t have to bother taking their mask off and can instead let their masks do all the talking. They intend to simply point at the mask they’re wearing and say “Mask Puch Yaar”!

Some of the top picks that have made it to their printed masks are “Thoda Aur Quirky?” (How much more quirky?) a common response that almost every copywriter and designer can relate to, “Feedback Aaya Hai” (The Feedback’s Here!) which is a client servicing staple and the quintessential designer’s “Logo aur kitna bada karna hai?” (How much bigger do you want the logo to be?). These printed masks are also being put up for sale with all their proceeds earmarked to be donated to Magic Bus, one of 8 Bit Media’s clients in the non-profit sector that is carrying out essential COVID-relief work.

By making the return of their employees to the office more fun, without sparing any of the sass, this initiative begs the question – what else are we going to see agencies and firms do as they attempt to get their workforce back to the office safely.

We hope to see much more innovation in this segment but for now, 8 Bit Media seems to have effectively sparked the personalization wave in the respiratory hygiene segment and the future seems exciting!

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