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A wobbly ride to success: Mr. Vibhor Varshney

"Risk something or forever sit with your dreams.” — Herb Brooks.

Career is a mind-boggling selection. It is a daunting decision to make, especially for a kid who has just finished school. Career choices can make or break the way your future will turn out in the industry. It is an often overlooked and under-valued aspect of an individual's life, despite being the most crucial choice. Kids worldwide share a similar story, and our finance savant, Vibhor Varshney, faced that same dilemma when he thought of a career that would bolster his finances.

Vibhor Varshney says, "Chartered accountant is the desirous position of every commerce pass out. I was infatuated with the job profile, lifestyle and perks of a chartered accountant. However, I did not have the means to be successful in it. I appeared twice for the exams but couldn't clear out the second stage. The failure shook me to the core and swept me into a phase of depression. My mind couldn't get over the fact that it wasn't the end of it."

The disappointing phase of not succeeding in CA exams slowly withered away. Vibhor Varshney then opted to appear for the CS. He opened about the troubles that he faced during the CS exams. He explains, "Slowly, I mustered the courage to take my career in a different direction and the job profile of company secretary seemed a wise decision at that time. I was more prepared than ever and even managed to clear two stages without any external help. This time the persistent health issues prevented me from appearing for the final stage of CS. My kidney issues confined me to the bed and I couldn't sit properly due to back pain."

Vibhor Varshney indeed has a tumultuous past that could deter many individuals from finding an anchor in life. The humiliation is brutal to overcome as you have to face your harshest critic every day. He explains," I was dejected by the health issues and its effect on my career. First CA, then CS, all was coming to an end. A shimmer of hope appeared when I stumbled upon the enchanting world of stock market. It piqued my interest and helped me forget my career woes for some time. I worked on improving my stock market skills and worked under a mentor to polish my skills. I had a knack for spreading information and chose to teach novice traders about stocks and introduce a technical approach to stock trading."

Today, Vibhor Varshney runs a stock market training and mentoring platform that helps people step foot into Stock Market. He is a certified SEBI research analyst and has many accolades to his name. Vighnahara Investment Solutions nurtures numerous novice traders to become adept stock market investors. It is hard to believe that a 27-year-old individual has achieved so much in such a short time. His success is a testament for many students and traders that all it requires is grit and guts to reach your goal.

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