Abhinav Anand
Marketing Initiative

Aamir Khan’s new avatar emphasizes on road safety in Ceat SecuraDrive’s new campaign

CEAT’s #DontBeADummy campaign highlights the importance of choosing the best tyres for ensuring optimum safety and control while on the road.

Road safety has always been a major concern in India. In 2018, India ranked 1st among 199 countries in the number of road accident fatalities. While the statistics haven't shown any drastic change over the years, several measures have been adopted to ensure the safety of drivers on the road. With this, it is expected that Indian roads would be much safer in the days to come . While talking about road safety and comfort, the role a car’s tyres play has evolved substantially over the years. With elements like weather, road condition and driver habits having a considerable impact on the longevity of tyres, picking the right one for your car becomes all the more crucial.

Ceat tyres have been the frontrunner when it comes to bringing new safety features that would help make one’s ride more secure. They have also always ensured that they convey the message of road safety to their audience in the most efficient ways possible. With the latest ad campaign for their premium car tyre - Securadrive, they have come out with something out of the box. The campaign features Aamir Khan and in a completely different avatar. Visualized as a crash test dummy at a tyre testing facility, the video is a fun gimmick of the test dummy being worried about its safety.

The video takes us through a sequence of crash testing, where the prime test dummy is seen to be highly cautious of its own safety, after watching the ill fate of other dummies in unsuccessful tests. The video further unravels when the dummy states that it's only after checking the tyres it feels confident in being a part of the test. With Ceat SecuraDrive offering ultimate control to the ones behind the wheel , the video concludes with the statement “when it’s about safety, don’t be a dummy.”

SecuraDrive is Ceat’s new premium car tyre, specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of premium sedans and compact SUVs in the Indian automotive market. These tyres ensure that the driver is given superior control over the vehicle at all speeds while providing a firm hold over varying road conditions. This segment of tyre features wide long tread grooves which are for better displacement of water. This also helps improve braking and makes the wettest roads secure to drive on. Adding to all these aspects, the optimized tread pattern offers a noise-free ride resulting in an extremely comfortable riding experience.

While talking about elements of safety, it is essential to have the complete attention of the viewers and that is exactly what Ceat has achieved with their new video campaign. With the concept of a test dummy being heedful about its own safety, it opens the door of why humans can't be more aware and cautious about their safety on the road. This being only a matter of choice, it can drastically bring about significant improvement in reducing road accident fatalities. With the choice thrown open, it is now up to you to be or not be a dummy.