Abhinav Anand
Marketing Initiative

Amazon’s #BouncingBackTogether campaign talks about resilient Indian sellers

With 1,35,772 sellers launching their business on Amazon after Unlock 1.0, the campaign uses bounce back dolls as a metaphor to showcase the unbeatable spirit of our sellers.

The year 2020 has been one of the most difficult years for almost everyone. When the pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill, the challenges that rose were unimaginable. This situation directly affected and impacted the lives and livelihoods of numerous people, the small business owners being the ones who had to face the major brunt of it. With the fear of being a victim of the pandemic looming and the country being under strict lockdown, it brought about adverse effects on the functioning of several small business owners. As the world reels back to its new normal, there are many who have explored new opportunities to increase the sustainability of their businesses.

Amazon being the prime platform that has stood by sellers during this difficult time has come up with a campaign that radiates a strong message of hope and also acknowledges the lakhs of resilient small businesses who are bouncing back from 2020. As we enter into 2021, there is a dire need to light the spark of hope and inspire people for their days ahead.

Being a brand committed towards making resilient efforts to help small and medium businesses of India, Amazon’s new campaign video #BouncingBackTogether depicts exactly the same. With the theme of hope, the video unfurls to a time when the nation reeling under the effects of the pandemic. Picturing the troubled owners of businesses with bounce back dolls, the video further takes you through numerous small businesses that faced the heat during this time. Emphasising the troubled expressions of these dolls, the video resonates with the state they were in during that phase.

Amazon being their aid, the video takes a quick turn where businesses start receiving orders and the dolls bouncing back as a metaphor showcasing the unbeatable spirit of our sellers. With the video showcasing these dolls throughout the video in various shops and storefronts across India, the campaign throws light on the numerous sellers who hold the potential to bounce back. Regardless of how they fell or how they were pushed down, a seller always tries to bounce back.

The lyrics of the jingle heard as the BGM of the video also emphasises the dark phase encountered by the sellers, which has now passed and how this is the time to make a stronger comeback. The usage of bounce-back dolls to represent the sellers who are now making a remarkable comeback ideally fits in with the story that is being told. All in all, the creative concept with which the video has been curated is also something that deserves great appreciation. This video not only showcases the pure spirit of the Indian sellers but also works as a morale boost for those who are still in their early strides.

The bounce-back dolls depicting a symbol of formidable human spirit and strength, the campaign showcases how Amazon has been a formidable force in lifting the sellers out of the dark phase of this pandemic. With over 1,35,772 sellers launching their businesses on Amazon after Unlock 1.0, it paints a crystal clear picture of the undying spirits of the sellers of our nation. Even as 2020 knocked many of us down, 2021 is the year we all bounce back.