Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

Amazon’s new festive film celebrates the spirit of the real Indian sellers

In the #TyohaarKeLiyeTaiyaar ad film, various SME sellers from across the country can be seen gearing up for the upcoming festive season.

Festivities are grandeur in their own way—a season with pre-planned shopping days, festive budgets, jovial customers, enthusiastic sellers and shimmering marketplace. Though festivals celebrated in India have a story of their own. It is not just a celebration of sacred beliefs but also an amalgamation of the diverse cultural bonding that we have - irrespective of age, creed, economic or social background. Glittering houses, homemade sweets, festive attire, gift exchanges, family get-togethers, festooned shops stacked up with their products have been imprinted in our memories since childhood and excite us even today.

With the market picking up and festive season right around the corner, the spirit of the nation and of sellers is ecstatic. After all, selling is India more than a transaction; it is a sentimental exchange of values, trust and belief in one another. Highlighting and supporting the efforts of these e-tailers Amazon India has recently released a heart-warming #TyohaarKeLiyeTaiyaar ad film.

In the film, the brand showcases its various real-life sellers showcasing their work and them getting ready for the festive season. The film starts with a seller’s child creating Diwali greeting cards for family members ahead of the festive time. Inspired by his son, the father, a small-scale seller, too starts to get ready for festivals with products for his customers. The film goes on to introduce various real sellers who can be seen showcasing their business, from electronics, handicrafts, food products, books and gearing up for the festive season.

What’s noteworthy is the inspiring voice-over played in the ad film. It talks about the potential of dreams and chasing ambitions of micro-entrepreneurs, artisans and craftsmen. It also communicates that in spite of the hardships faced during the last few months businesses are ready to bounce back to normalcy and beyond. The brilliantly executed campaign clearly highlights the unbroken spirit of the backbone of a nation – its sellers.

The film concludes with different sellers from various geographies being ready for the upcoming festive season, contributing their share in making the festive joyful and grand for their customers – and asking their customers if they are ready for the same.