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Flipkart Gets People ‘Peeling’ Excited for CMF Phone 1 Launch with a Quirky Campaign

India’s first-ever phone with interchangeable backs, revealed through a unique orange-themed campaign

Forget the usual unboxing videos! Flipkart has launched a quirky campaign for the new CMF Phone 1 by Nothing by turning an orange into an intriguing promotional tool. In a first-of-its-kind campaign, Flipkart partnered with Flipkart Grocery to send a specially designed "CMF Orange" with multiple colors to consumers across India. This innovative collaboration aims to give customers a taste of how exciting it is to change the CMF Phone 1's appearance, making it India’s first phone with interchangeable backs.

When customers ordered groceries from Flipkart, they received the CMF Orange. What seemed like an ordinary orange turned out to be a cleverly disguised surprise - when peeled, the orange revealed vibrant blue segments and peeling further uncovered the announcement of CMF Phone 1’s key feature: interchangeable back covers. This clever use of an orange not only highlights the phone's unique feature but also adds an element of surprise and delight to the grocery shopping experience. Consumers had the chance to win the CMF Phone 1 by sharing how the different colors of the orange matched their unique moods on social media, further amplifying the campaign's reach and engagement.

The campaign sparked a social media frenzy! Consumers eagerly shared pictures and videos of their "CMF Orange" peels, using the hashtags #CMFPhone1ByNothing #UniqueEverydayWithCMF. The vibrant colors resonated with people, prompting them to express how each segment matched their unique personalities.

The CMF Phone 1 by Nothing is set to launch on 8th July 2024 and will be available on Flipkart. This innovative device features India’s first-ever interchangeable backs and ease of changing them, allowing users to customize their phone’s appearance to match their style and mood. The phone comes with a powerful processor and camera, enhancing its appeal. The collaboration between Flipkart and Nothing promises a unique and personalised smartphone experience, redefining how we interact with our devices.

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