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How Quintype's Ahead empowers digital publishers to deliver better content experiences

With the platform’s front-end management system - Ahead, publishers can finally take things into their own hands - putting an end to extended teams to manage one’s website.

Digital publishing has players of all ages. With the content creator population on the rise, content is diverse than ever. Quintype has been in the digital publishing market for the past five years with high-end clients, which has its perks. They’ve learned the challenges publishers face and developed some concrete solutions for the same.

The shift from print to digital for publishers has been a gradual journey. From mainstream media houses experimenting with the scalability on the internet to media houses starting on the web, digital media as a platform is thriving. Digital publishing has leveled the playing field for players of all kinds - the old players and the startups, alike.

Fast forward to 2020, the pandemic has glued readers to their screens. Publishers now have an engagement opportunity that was unheard of. With the netizen count on the rise, having quality content woven to cater to the mainstream and niche is every creator's safest bet.

Digital publishing has liberated the content creators immensely. It encourages competition and transparency, unlike any other medium. With rising content creators, publishers are in dire need of unique content management at an affordable price.

For content creators, front end management seems like a puzzle. Quintype has come up with ways to end this misery. With their front-end management system - Ahead, publishers can finally take things into their own hands. No more extended teams to manage one’s website. They redefine performance and speed in the publishing market.

Ahead brings integrations to manage advertisements and notifications. With their hero CMS Bold, one can distribute content across all screens and screenless platforms like Alexa. Publishers can now go live faster, enjoy security, updates, scalability, all at budget friendly prices.

Quintype understands that designing is yet another challenge. They’ve looked through their expert lens and identified that most high-end publishers have similar fundamental visual elements. Having small design changes or section-wise customization can involve endless meetings with the tech and design teams. Quintype solutions help publishers enjoy services without having to climb the coding mountain. The understanding of the complications publisher’s face, has led them to provide layouts that work and provide finesse for all client websites. Content creators can now add their spin to it with a quarter of the effort.

Front end i.e, the look and feel of one’s website should be a creative and easy journey. Having to code or get it done through other people can hinder this experience. With Ahead, publishers can manage traffic, visibility, website personality, straight from the editor’s desk. Quintype believes in changing your landscape into one that helps you work with ease. They’ve observed the digital publishing market at the atomic level. Technology that was exclusive to elite media houses has now been made available to all. Quintype takes pride in adding newer solutions when the time demands it, this time around, it’s the page builder.

It isn't fair that publishers have to go through the coding hills, extended discussions with developers that end in compromises. They have made building and managing websites easy for all. The all-new product, Page Builder is a friendly tool for all publishers out there who want to customize their page. Adding a section or changing out the arrangement of elements has been brought to your dashboards. Quintype provides templates that are widely successful in the market and used by national dailies. They have loaded up on creative elements that publishers can play around with. It has brought the flexibility and control publishers have long desired.

The world-class infrastructure with regular upgrades makes the commitment with Quintype easy. Quintype takes over the tech-heavy lifting while journalists can carry on the content renaissance.