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How to Monetize Push Subscribers Effectively

If done right it help you generate new revenue streams by leveraging push notifications platform.

Webmasters are always looking for new ways to generate revenue from their sites. But, two crucial elements that these entrepreneurs have to ensure are that the user experience remains intact and that the new monetization method doesn’t require much work. Monetizing your traffic through push notifications is a great alternative because it’s profitable, doesn’t interrupt users, and it’s easy to manage.

What Are Push Subscriptions?

To understand subscriptions, first, we need to cover push notifications. A push notification is an alert that’s delivered to users on desktop or mobile devices. The alert is presented to the user in the same way that a system notification appears, but it contains your content or sponsored content.

With the above in mind, you can’t simply send push notifications to every user. You need to ask for permission from each individual before they start receiving notifications, and this request comes in the form of a push subscription. Push subscriptions can be defined as the initial message that users see, and it asks them if they would like to receive these notifications. Once the opt-in is accepted, a user is subscribed and ready to be monetized.

When Should Publishers Monetize Traffic?

Monetization through push notifications is an option, but it’s a great alternative if you have large traffic volumes and would like to boost your income. That said, push monetization will only deliver results if it’s deployed under the right circumstances. For starters, publishers need to have a large volume of stable traffic. Additionally, webmasters need an engaged audience as this will boost the success of the notifications.

The minimum traffic volume and engagement levels for push notifications vary based on location and type of website, so you need to evaluate your particular case to determine if your site is a good fit.

The Types of Websites that Can Benefit from Push Monetization

Push notification monetization strategies work well mainly on websites that generate large traffic volumes. This includes sites about:

  • Entertainment

  • Gaming

  • Social and celebrity content

  • Lifestyle

  • Sports

Advantages of Monetizing Traffic Through Push

Push notifications are a great alternative because they are not intrusive, especially if you find a reliable push service partner like Notix. Not only this, but this type of alert doesn’t take up any space on your page, which gives you full control over the appearance of your site.

A Checklist on How to Monetize Traffic with Push Notifications

Here’s a quick checklist to help you monetize your existing traffic through push.

1. Large Base of Subscribers

The first step is to build a loyal following in the form of engaged users. In case you already have a large base of regular visitors, continue developing engaging content that drives even more traffic. This will help ensure that the push notifications are more successful. Also, it encourages users to share more details about their interests when they opt into the notifications.

2. Tailor Your Opt-In Request

It’s essential to get the opt-in or subscription request. Make sure to explain what you’d like to send in your notifications and include wording like “news” as well as “updates” to engage the audience further.

How to Monetize Push Subscribers Effectively

3. Work with a Reputable Push Service

You should find the best push service partnering with a reputable monetization provider that sends relevant, engaging notifications to your audience. This way, you can avoid explicit content, virus-related notifications, and fraud in general.

4. Run Tests and Balance Out the Frequency

You shouldn’t send dozens of alerts and ads per day as this will result in a high churn rate. Instead, you should work with your push service account manager to run tests and determine the best frequency for your ads. You should always include a few slots in case you need to send an emergency alert or extra ads on the occasional high-traffic day.

Also, keep track of how ads impact churn rates and work with your push service provider to suppress that content.

5. Review Your Starts and Monitor Performance

Keep a close eye on the performance of your ads. If the CPM isn’t high enough, try different ad categories and speak to your account manager about making adjustments.

Here are the ad categories that you can choose from Auto, Beauty, Business, Dating and Relationships, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Family and Children, Fashion and style, Finance, Fitness, Food, Gambling, Gossips, Health, Home and Garden, IT, Lifestyle, Music, News, Pets, Politics, Religion, Sports, Travel.

As you can see, the options are very diverse, and you will most definitely find the one that works for your website.

Want to Find Out More About Monetizing Your Traffic Through Push?

Monetizing your traffic through push notifications is a great alternative because it doesn’t disrupt the user experience; plus, this practice can help you foster loyalty among your subscribers. To learn more about monetizing your traffic, check out the Notix blog or contact the support team.

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