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JioCinema serves up a winning brand integration for Colgate

The 'Indian Sweets League' featured iconic cricketers Suresh Raina and Zaheer Khan, who reminded fans celebrating their team's victories with sweets to brush at night.

The TATA IPL is a two-month long celebration where the entire country comes together every evening to savor incredible T20 action. So, when Colgate and Wavemaker approached JioCinema with a brief to encourage consumers to brush at night, the task at hand was to find a seamless context during the matches to catch the attention of the viewers.

This led to the creation of ‘Indian Sweets League’, where every match day became an occasion for fans to celebrate their team’s victory with sweet dishes from their cities while being reminded by JioCinema IPL Experts, Suresh Raina and Zaheer Khan to brush at night after the celebrations. This innovative partnership aimed to create awareness about the importance of brushing one’s teeth at night, leveraging the unifying power of cricket to reach millions across the country.

A Sweet Reminder During Cricket Fever

Each night, a quirky creative featuring Zaheer Khan and Suresh Raina played during the first timeout break. These creatives showcased a playful "showdown" between popular sweet dishes representing the cities of the competing teams. For instance, cricket fans watching the Bangalore vs. Chennai match would see a playful battle between Mysore Pak and Payasam, reminding them to brush up after indulging in these delicious treats.

Strategic Planning Delivers Sweet Results

Through meticulous planning and production, a total of 45 unique creatives were produced, ensuring a fresh and engaging message for each of the 45 IPL matches during the campaign period. This strategic placement ensured a daily reminder for viewers to maintain good oral hygiene with a nighttime brushing routine.

JioCinema & Colgate: A Winning Partnership

This engaging and creative campaign by Colgate, in association with Wavemaker and JioCinema highlights the platform's ability to deliver impactful brand integrations. By leveraging the excitement of the TATA IPL and the playful "Indian Sweets League" concept, JioCinema and Colgate successfully delivered a vital message to a massive audience, promoting healthy habits in a memorable way.

This campaign underscores the creative prowess of JioCinema in crafting engaging narratives that resonate with viewers. 

"At JioCinema, we're always looking for innovative ways to engage our viewers and create value for our partners. The Indian Sweets League integration for the #BrushTonight campaign with Colgate is a perfect example of this,” said Viacom18 Sports Head of Revenue Anup Govindan. By combining the excitement of the TATA IPL and the quirkiness of the creatives, we were able to deliver an important message about oral health to millions of viewers across India. We're thrilled with the success of this campaign and look forward to developing more such impactful partnerships in the future."

Launching the campaign amidst the IPL fervor in the country, Gunjit Jain, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive India said, “The last thing that millions of Indians put on their teeth is sugar, not toothpaste. This behavior gets heightened during the IPL season as Indians watch with rapt attention while munching on snacks and ending it with a sweet celebration as their team wins the match. Our new campaign reminds IPL-loving Indians to enjoy cricket, but also protect themselves from cavities by taking a strategic time-out to brush their teeth at night.”

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