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Mahindra Group's #SheIsOnTheRise campaign spotlights inspirational Women and their achievements beyond the workplace

The campaign, marking its third year, highlights Mahindra women excelling in personal and professional fields beyond the ordinary.

The Mahindra Group is marking its third year of the #SheIsOnTheRise campaign, an initiative launched during Women's Day month to showcase and celebrate the resilience, achievements, and stories of women within the Mahindra community. This year, the campaign expands its focus beyond employees to include customers, partners, off-roll employees, and sales staff.

The campaign's objective is to inspire and empower individuals by highlighting stories from ordinary women who have the potential to spark the extraordinary. Accompanying the campaign is a video featuring seven compelling stories of Mahindra women from across the country.

As part of its ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, the #SheIsOnTheRise campaign reflects the Mahindra Group's dedication to creating a more equitable and empowering world. The International Women's Day initiative encourages the recognition and salute of inspiring women who contribute to the safety and well-being of others.

The campaign brings together Mahindra Group's own customers, employees, and other women connected to the Mahindra universe, adding authenticity to the Women's Day message and reinforcing the message that #SheIsOnTheRise. Mahindra takes pride in being an integral part of its customers' journeys and acknowledges the inspiring stories featured in the campaign.

The narratives showcased in the campaign depict Mahindra women excelling in both personal and professional fields. The #SheIsOnTheRise initiative aims to break stereotypes, embrace equity, and inspire individuals both on and off the field.

The stories highlight the extraordinary potential that emerges from everyday dedication, showcasing the incredible journeys and contributions of women across the Mahindra organisation. These women not only lead successful careers but also contribute to the growth of the company.

Mahindra women have shattered stereotypes and become harbingers of change and inspiration. They exemplify that potential and the intent to grow are not constrained by gender. The company celebrates the achievements of these remarkable women who embody the RISE philosophy in their respective careers.

Recognising the challenges of fostering gender development, Mahindra Group embraces diverse cultures and work ethics. Despite these challenges, the company is dedicated to creating an inclusive world and equal opportunities for all citizens. Women leaders within the organisation actively promote greater gender diversity through various policies and initiatives.

The collaborative efforts of leaders, managers, and mentors, irrespective of gender, contribute to drawing out the raw potential in individuals and pushing them to achieve the unimaginable. Mahindra Group's commitment to a culture that encourages differences and diversity of thoughts aims to create a workplace where ideas can grow and flourish — an environment where women at Mahindra continue to rise.

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