Marketing Initiative

Performance marketing drives growth at Jaro Education

The return on marketing spends stands at 454%. 

To foster growth in the Online higher education and up-skilling sector in India, a comprehensive strategic approach is crucial. This involves effective positioning and marketing, encompassing flexible enrollment options, referral programs, and partnerships with influencers. Jaro Education utilizes insights from its databases and program-specific performance marketing, to allow for more diversified and effective marketing strategies to target a wider range of prospective students for individual higher education programs, as opposed to the traditional model where universities utilize their limited endogenous resources to attract undergraduate students. 

Approximately 55% of Jaro Education’s enrolment share is driven by performance marketing, 15 % by organic enrolments and database leads, which are enhanced by its business intelligence, insights on pricing, geographical expansion, program positioning, content and pricing, for the Fiscal ended March 31, 2024. Jaro Education seeks to employ data-driven marketing strategies to test marketing sources, campaigns, website assets and student communications to seek to improve the effectiveness of its marketing spend to expand new student enrolments in its programs. 

Jaro Education’s marketing, branding and advertisement strategies draw on a wide variety of data sets and are based on key market variables, including the existing market size of a degree, potential student demographics and client characteristics. 

“We believe our approach to identifying potential growth opportunities enables us to systematically identify degrees at universities that we believe have the highest probability of success. We utilize data-driven marketing strategies to improve marketing effectiveness, test marketing sources, and enhance the enrollment experience for our students. We have entered into engagements with several marketing firms for marketing, branding, and advertising services.

Over 55% of our enrolment share is driven by performance marketing,15% by organic enrolments and database leads, owing to our personalized counselling focused sales approach which entails establishing regular touchpoints with learners, on campus immersive learning studio setup, off campus immersive tech supported classrooms, learning management system(LMS) with tech support, which have enabled us to establish a proven track record for successfully enrolling and onboarding learners and ensuring student satisfaction,” said Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, CMD, Jaro Education.

Integration of network of academic faculties and administrators with students, counselling focused sales approach and targeted performance marketing have led to market-leading enrolment conversions and strong brand recall.

Jaro Education’s marketing efforts have translated into strong Returun On Advertising Spend(ROAS), which is a metric that measures the effectiveness and efficiency of a marketing or advertising campaign by assessing the return on investment generated from the advertising expenditures. 

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