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Power, Launch, Connect: How Tech OEM brands in India are leveraging Twitter and driving people to buy

As per a recent GWI (GlobalWebIndex) study 2022, 2 in 3 users on Twitter in India research a product online before buying it.

From dynamic discussions about new product launches to reviews of a phone’s camera quality, Twitter is where people explore their daily tech scoop. They come to Twitter for a variety of reasons – to learn more about their favourite brands, to find the latest reviews, and to look for best deals. When combined with the platform's passionate tech communities, subject-matter experts, and more, these conversations make Twitter the perfect partner to launch, connect or talk shop.

Tech, an always-on-trend on Twitter


As technology becomes integrated into more aspects of our daily lives, conversations about gadgets, software, and more are becoming commonplace both offline and online. And Twitter is no exception, playing host to technology-related Tweets and marketing campaigns in India. In the past year, 3 in 4 Indian users were interested in technology and gadgets. The platform offers different connections on all things tech for an audience that is focused, receptive, and influential.

Connecting with the highly leaned-in and passionate audiences on Twitter


Tech-savvy users on Twitter are energetic and youthful and they love to talk tech, but more significantly, they play an important role in creating movements around products, brands and experiences. So from being the first to try out new products to sharing their opinions and experiences, with the larger community. In fact, 58% of users on Twitter in India like to be the first to try new products and 56% of users tell others about a new product.

People on Twitter are not just sharing their opinions but are also leveraging the platform to make decisions regarding their purchases. In fact, during the festive season, online shoppers on Twitter in India are 35% more likely to buy Tech gadgets. Fans also actively turn to Twitter to read reviews and feedback from other users on the platform with 67% of online shoppers on Twitter in India believing that customer reviews on Twitter help them decide what to buy.

Partnering and launching on Twitter


The speed, variety, and depth of conversation on Twitter give an outsized advantage in helping customers around the world break through with their launch offerings and build cultural relevance. Many brands continue to launch their products and services on Twitter, seeking to optimise conversion KPIs and to stay top-of-mind. And tech brands are no exception, with many implementing proactive strategies to build buzz around their campaigns.

Twitter’s wide array of ad solutions have also played an important role in facilitating effective launches. For instance, brands have used branded notifications to attract audiences and foster connection, while Takeover products have helped improve brand visibility by keeping messages at the top of timelines. As an ever-expanding tech community on Twitter anticipates more creative and practical interaction with brands and campaigns across the marketing funnel, Tech OEM players have an exciting opportunity to discover how to effectively connect with audiences on their customer journey and maximise brand awareness.

Innovative Solutions: How brands are delivering unique campaigns to grab attention


Here are some leading Tech OEM players that are fuelling conversations and driving engagement successfully through their innovative marketing strategies on Twitter:

1)    Go dark to stand out: playful use of emojis to highlight a key feature and deliver high engagement

OPPO India generated public interest by launching its flagship Reno 8 series phone with a unique emoji activation - Dark mode emoji, to highlight the Ultra clear night portrait functionality of the camera. The brand leveraged the #WorldEmojiDay to create excitement for the feature using this activation, where the dark emoji became a visual identity for the phone’s USP i.e its camera functionality.

2)   Personalise to differentiate and launch: Personality Mapping API maps consumers’ personalities to the phone features thereby delivering fascination and piquing interest


Samsung India leveraged Twitter’s vast range of ad solutions to drive awareness for the incredible reach of the Galaxy Z Series, using a Personality Mapping API and delivered an invaluable launch. This mechanism analysed the Twitter personality of engaged users and mapped them with key flip flex mode features or fold multitasking behaviours.

3)    Photography is big on Twitter: The ultimate photowalk experience with vivo delighted fans to another level by showcasing a breathtaking range of pictures

vivo India perfectly clicked with the people on Twitter by launching its flagship #vivoX80Series with the ‘ultimate photowalk’ and became one of the most successful innovations on Twitter with an engagement rate of 6.38% and delivering over 53M impressions, 2M engagements and 7M+ video views, leading to a massive success.

4)   Twitter Thread can turn a banter into a speed test: Innovative use of a Twitter thread is a great way to get tech-savvy users excited


Realme India turned to tech-savvy fans on Twitter to launch its GTNeo 3 challenge with a speed thread on its timeline that set the construct for the unmatchable speed of the phone.

5)  Marry the power of offline and online and get your fans to be your ultimate testimonial!


OnePlus India partnered with Twitter to curate a unique and innovative experience for their live launch in order to engage with the OnePlus India community and make them a part of the celebration.

Enter Tweet Confetti! Through a simple tweet with an auto-response mechanism, OnePlus India managed to collect over 500 responses from their fans on the platform. The shortlisted tweets were printed on confetti paper and added to the Confetti Blast machines making their presence felt during the event.

6)    Live Events are happening on Twitter!

In fact, a 2022 Video Behaviours on Twitter study indicated that 88% of people on Twitter in India say that they have watched a live stream video on Twitter.

Xiaomi India built excitement for the launch of its first #XiaomiNext event as it unveiled the most awaited Xiaomi Flagship products. With a customised #XiaomiNext invite, the users were first invited to set the reminder for the live event with video teasers. The conversation was sustained by promoting event recaps and redirecting users to the live page.

What this means for marketers?

Twitter has traversed people from just sharing their thoughts to a powerful marketing platform that lets brands speak to their audience in real-time. Brands and people tune in to Twitter to connect every day. While they’re browsing their timeline, they’re actively engaging with the tech conversation, which means they’re more receptive to messages from brands. And with so much of our audience showing an intent to buy, there’s never been a better time to find a place for your tech brand on Twitter. The power of Twitter conversations can be leveraged to showcase brands' solution-centred products and their connection to technology.

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