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#SafeOnMichelin Campaign Trends on social media

The #SafeOnMichelin campaign which was focused to bring out the correlation between on road safety and the quality of tyres has emerged beyond just successful and we’re all gawking in amazement.

Third-Party Testing Wonders

The campaign included third-party testing for Michelin tyres which has concluded that Michelin tyres have a better life than the other competitors along with lower rolling resistance and better web braking.

These points can be seen highlighted by YouTube reviewers during the campaign #SafeOnMichelin. About 85 YouTubers from Automobile & travel categories were onboarded. They made dedicated videos about Michelin (brand & product experiences) Most of the videos were shot at Michelin stores highlighting dealers & stores and promoted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram channels for enhanced views and engagement.

The Mysterious Element

Another part of the campaign included Youtubers asking their viewers to guess the name of a mystery city shown in their videos. To participate in the contest, viewers needed to tweet or comment on the name of the city using the hashtags #MichelinIndia and #SafeOnMichelin. This campaign included the top 35 YouTube vloggers from the automobile and travel industries to create buzz and get engagement from the maximum number of users. It was also promoted on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Meet two of the top Bloggers

#SafeOnMichelin Campaign Trends on social media

Bunny Punia 65K subscribers- reviewed the Michelin tyres in his video.The blogger explains that companies like Honda use Michelin for tyres in their premium SUVs. According to him, it indicates that these tyres are of premium quality. He spoke about the direct impact of the quality of tyres on the amount of road noise. He mentioned that since Michelin tyres are composed of silica rubber, the road noise is reduced to a large extent. Secondly, he explained that the grip of cars on roads is influenced by the tyres they use. Where he appreciated the superior grip of Michelin tyres.

The campaign #SafeOnMichelin, in this way, is marketing about the Unique selling points of the tyres well. The Youtuber ensures to stress the fact that tyres need to be of premium quality to drive on elevated roads and curves. #SafeOnMichelin campaign is aimed at promoting the safety factor that the tyres provide which has been thoroughly depicted in this video. The blogger then visited the Michelin store in Greater Noida to understand the brand’s reception by the customers. The Youtuber is delighted to reach the prime location and praises the store for ample parking spots. At the store, the owner highlights that Michelin tyre users do not have to worry about maintenance as the tyres are top-notch.

The #SafeOnMichelin campaign brings about the vitality of safe tyres, especially on uneven roads. In such cases, the tyres will not be prone to skidding and will absorb shock too.

#SafeOnMichelin Campaign Trends on social media

The channel MONTY VLOGS with 2.47M subscribers interviewed Indian Tyre Company’s owner as a part of the #SafeOnMichelin campaign. The owner confirmed that Michelin has superior technology that provides more longevity to these tyres as compared to other competitors. The owner expressed that the life of Michelin tyres is 25% higher than normal tyres.

He quoted examples stating that owing to the supreme quality of Michelin tyres, he has had customers with even Maruti 800 who installed Michelin tyres and were able to drive 90,000 KMs with it. In line with the #SafeOnMichelin campaign, he stated that Michelin tyres stop effectively without giving a shock to the car.

Michelin’s efforts to underline the quality of tyres for improved safety seem to be working. With over 71 million views, the #SafeOnMichelin campaign is effectively irking viewers to try out the brand’s tyres for a better on-road experience.

Abhishek Joshi, the head of digital marketing at Michelin, was recently also listed in 40 under 40 marketers and is the curator of a popular blog (Dog with Blog) aimed at finding homes for stray dogs.