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Safer, smarter, and worry-free travel with JK Smart Tyre at just Rs. 3/day

The smart tyre features inbuilt smart sensors and cutting-edge features, promising real-time alerts, fuel efficiency, and Bluetooth connectivity.

In a world where innovation and technology continually shape our daily lives, the JK Smart Tyre emerges as a natural progression towards a future where vehicles are not just modes of transportation but intelligent companions on the road, promising a safer, smarter, and worry-free travel experience for a nominal cost of just Rs. 3 per day.

Smart features

The JK Smart Tyre is not merely a tyre; it's a technological marvel equipped with built-in smart sensors and cutting-edge technology. This integration empowers drivers with real-time alerts on tyre temperature and pressure, marking a significant stride towards smarter and safer journeys.

The ability to detect air leaks and monitor tyre pressure and temperature in real-time not only ensures a safer journey but also contributes to fuel efficiency. The Bluetooth connectivity feature further enhances user convenience by providing insights into tyre health directly on a compatible device. This leap in tyre technology places the Tyre with a brain light years ahead of its time, truly embodying the essence of driving into the future.

Smart savings

The JK Smart Tyre isn't just about revolutionizing tyre technology; it's about empowering drivers with knowledge. The JK Smart Tyre isn't just about revolutionizing tyre technology; it's about empowering drivers with knowledge. The marginal additional cost incurred in choosing the Smart Tyre over a regular JK Tyre is outweighed by the myriad benefits it offers.

The extra expenditure amounts to approximately Rs. 3000 for a set of four Smart Tyres compared to non-JK regular tyres. Considering the impressive 30-month average lifespan of these tyres, the incremental cost per month is a mere Rs. 100 or Rs. 3 per day. This cost advantage positions the JK Smart Tyre as a compelling choice for those seeking an intelligent and cost-effective upgrade.

As consumers increasingly seek value and innovation in their purchases, the JK Smart Tyre stands as a testament to JK Tyres' commitment to providing an advanced, yet cost-effective, solution for a safer and smarter driving experience.

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