Debashish Chakraborty
Marketing Initiative

With the new #EduTok campaign, TikTok advances towards meaningful and inspiring content

Technology is dynamic and ever-changing. And every few years, it elevates the consumer experience and seeps itself into their daily routine. Mostly, the heavyweights hold this badge of constant innovations and the new entrants are often confined to little or no space. But this has changed and that too pretty fast. All thanks to the new tune of the town – TikTok. The content platform with a mind-boggling 200 million-plus Indian users, today competes neck-to-neck with veterans of this space – in terms of content, idea innovation, and engagement. And guess what? All of this by giving voice to a breed of independent 'non-pro' creators who until now other platforms had struggled with.

But just getting users to upload content wasn't enough. TikTok's commitment to propel India's creative economy and its contribution to the lives of digital natives, made it launch #EduTok. A campaign which focused on creating meaningful and inspiring content around various themes with a focus on education, motivation, safety, health, and wellness. The campaign is turning out to be one TikTok's most successful initiatives which is not just well received by the audience but also brought in a new set of creators who leveraged the platform to spread awareness for the greater social good.

The aim of the campaign is to support and encourage independent creators as well as educational organisations to share their knowledge with the millions of users on TikTok. The beneficiaries of this are not just the audience but also creators, digital MCNs, commercial partners as well as NGOs and educations institutions (schools, colleges, tuition classes, etc). Also, with a massive scale and diverse target audience on the platform, the strong connect that the brand plans to initiate and the idea to spread digital literacy and skill developments across India is also remarkable.

The platform is also providing extensive support to its creators with not just inbound and outbound traffic but also associating with CSR campaigns, connecting with brand partners, creating workshops, account verification, pro account features, livestream boost, and much more.

Popular creators like Geet, Gunjan shouts (Gunjan Taneja), Doctor Animesh (Dr Animesh MS), AwalCreations (Awal Madaan) are already attracting users and love on their videos in sync with the #EduTok campaign. While Geet, India's first actress on a wheelchair, touches upon women’s rights, child abuse, and disability awareness, Gunjan Taneja shares her fat-to-fit journey and motivates millions of her followers for a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, Doctor Animesh, a renowned doctor, feeling the need to spread awareness around health, especially in rural areas, turned to TikTok. Similarly, Awal Madaan, bridging the gap between Hindi and English speakers, provides English tutorials with an easy and interesting approach.

With a huge audience set from across geographical boundaries and age brackets, the platform is turning out to be a marketer's favourite. From a little over 2 years old platform in India, today, the brand has become a household name. This has a lot to do with its relatable content, efficiency, easy sharing and integration options. With a record-breaking reach (last year on Diwali, over 55 lakh videos were uploaded alone), one only can wonder the reach it will have when channelised to the topics which the #EduTok campaign plans to cater to. This brilliantly executed and one-for-all crafted initiative has surely helped the brand in changing its perspective from an over-entertainment to - a distinct, meaningful, and creative content platform