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World Cup on Television catapults brand impact by more than 2X across in just 2 weeks

Brands across Handset, Commercial Vehicles, UPI, Electric Vehicles categories witness a massive surge across key brand KPIs.

What sets apart live cricket on television from all other mediums is its ability to drive immediate and exponential impact for advertisers, and the Cricket World Cup drives it up by a few notches. As per BARC, Television has witnessed 22% growth in watch time for the first 11 matches while clocking a reach of 301 million viewers in the short span. A study on the initial impact for TV advertisers during the Cricket World Cup showcases a massive delta in google searches and app downloads in less than 2 weeks of the megaevent.

World Cup on Television catapults brand impact by more than 2X across in just 2 weeks

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Handset Brand Outperforms Market Leader: A handset manufacturer launched a premium range smartphone at the start of the World Cup and its TV campaign has empowered the brand to outperform the market leader in its category. The brand has already driven 1.6X higher search interest than its competitor, dominating share of voice with 25X growth in search interest for the smartphone.

UPI Brand Dominates Share of Voice: A leading UPI brand that is a prominent advertiser on TV during the World Cup has clocked a whooping 5.6 million app downloads during the megaevent. The brand has 2X higher downloads and 40% higher search interest than its biggest competitor which is leveraging digital platforms to drive impact.

EV (Two Wheelers): Multiple two-wheeler EV brands are leveraging television to drive their festive launches and as a result have doubled their search interest in a short span. Both brands have seen a 2X increase in search interest, further proving the phenomenon that multiple brands from the same category benefit when advertising on television during cricket events. What stands out is one of those brands had leveraged IPL 2023 on digital as a sponsor and did not witness any growth in search interest throughout the tournament.

Other advertisers like Tractors (Commercial Vehicles), EV (4-Wheelers) too are witnessing rapid inflection in their brand metrics. This early success of the Cricket World Cup has generated significant growth in advertiser interest, which can be seen in the recent BARC data on advertiser participation.

World Cup on Television catapults brand impact by more than 2X across in just 2 weeks

35% Growth in TV Associations Among Advertisers during Cricket World Cup

The excitement among advertisers for the megaevent is palpable as 73 unique categories have taken to television so far this edition, a 35% growth from the previous edition. India hosting the festive World Cup has given more impetus to advertiser participation as 41 new categories that we absent in 2019 have come onboard TV this year. This includes categories like Airlines, Banking, Loans, Life Insurance, Building Materials, 2 Wheelers, Footwears, Telecom and Paints.

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