Savia Jane PintoPublished: 26 Oct 2007, 12:00 AM

Wear the stars around your wrist: Titan Raga Crystals

The campaign continues to experiment with seduction, but in a crowded, more open setup

Seduction moves into a higher gear in the latest Titan Raga Crystals commercial. Rani Mukerji plays temptress to her lover, beguiling him with her cat and mouse games. Titan Raga, launched as a luxury watch range for women, continues to retain the essence of ‘sensuous self-expression’ in its latest ad film, a premise it had established last year.

Wear the stars around your wrist: Titan Raga Crystals
He spots her
Wear the stars around your wrist: Titan Raga Crystals
She tucks her hair
behind her ear
Wear the stars around your wrist: Titan Raga Crystals
She bends down only to look
up and smile at her lover
Wear the stars around your wrist: Titan Raga Crystals
Product shot
The film opens on the shot of a cocktail party, complete with Moroccan style music, as the male model (Mukerji’s lover) sees a glint of light on his glass. Following the glint, he sees Mukerji walk past him at a distance, tucking her hair behind her ear (the light on his glass was from a reflection of her watch, a Raga Crystal). He tries to catch up with her, and as she bends down to pick something off the floor, she gives him a teasing look and smiles (the hand she extends to pick the fallen object has another Raga Crystal on it).

He pursues her further and Mukerji proceeds towards the terrace. She stops at the end of the stairs with the moon in the background, and as she turns back to look at him, a gust of wind displaces her saree. She straightens her saree (another Raga Crystal around her wrist), and the passion is heightened. He makes his way up the stairs only to find that she’s gone. There’s another glint on his glass, and he sees Mukerji at the end of the stairs, smiling at him. The TVC ends with Mukerji’s voiceover saying, ‘Kalai pe sitare (Stars on your wrist). Titan Raga Crystals.’

The new collection is the second one since the range’s re-launch in 2006. The collection has been embellished with Swarovski crystals. “We have carried forward the seduction theme from the first TVC to a more contemporary level,” says Malvika Mehra, senior creative director, O&M Bangalore, the agency on the account.

Titan Raga is the women’s wear collection from Titan. Raga Crystals has been launched during the festive season to reiterate the point that Titan made with its earlier TVC, that the watch is not just an item of need, but a part of a woman’s jewellery. The new collection will also be supported by point of sale (PoS) advertising at a national level throughout the Dussehra and Diwali season.

The TVC has been shot by Sainath of Corcoise Films.