afaqs! news bureauPublished: 17 Sep 2009, 12:00 AM

A flowery tale for Titan Raga

With actor Nandana Sen, the women's wrist wear brand aims at relatable sensuality

Titan Raga has chosen the pre-festive season to launch its new line of wrist wear for women, the Titan Raga Flora. The range includes 56 designs, all of which are interpretations of the flower.

The brand is aimed at the urban working woman of India and the designs are available across all the Titan stores in approximately 1,400 cities of the country.

When Titan Raga was re-launched a couple of years ago, actor Rani Mukerji was signed on as brand ambassador. However, Mukerji is no longer associated with the brand.

A flowery tale for Titan Raga
The latest collection is marked with a campaign that includes a TV commercial featuring actor Nandana Sen. Although Sen stars in the ad, she hasn't been named the brand ambassador for Titan Raga. The ad has been created by Ogilvy Bengaluru. Malvika Mehra, Amit Akali and team have worked on the creative.

A new take on sensuality – the ad portrays a moment between a husband and wife. The ad opens on the shot of Sen applying kohl to her eyes. On the bed in the background is her husband – who's reading a newspaper. Apparently, there has been a minor tiff and she's trying to woo him while getting dressed to go somewhere. After dropping subtle hints, which he doesn't respond to, she asks him to pin flowers to her hair, which melts away the angst.

A flowery tale for Titan Raga
A flowery tale for Titan Raga
The film has been directed by Kaushik Sarkar of Apostrophe and the music is the Titan Raga tune, which has been tweaked a bit.

Ajoy Chawla, vice-president and global business head, Titan and Retail, says, "The research showed a spontaneous response from women when we were toying with the idea of flowers." The designers at Titan then interpreted the floral world in terms of making a watch – which resulted in the collection.

In keeping with the previous communication from Titan Raga, the platform is sensuality. The situation this time is a candid moment between a married couple. Amit Akali, senior creative director, Ogilvy Bengaluru says that the attempt is to push sensuality to a new level.

"In this case," says Mehra, senior creative director, Ogilvy Bengaluru, "the push is towards a more relatable level, trying to depict the way couples are today." Though no dialogues are part of the camaraderie between the couple, there is more interaction.

The floral ornament in the ad has been used to create the connection with the watch.

Though the campaign is banking on the ad to drive sales, posters, too, are part of the media mix. Titan Raga expects a sale of 50,000 pieces in this financial year for this collection.