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Discovery Travel and Living is now TLC

The channel will sport a new name and logo from September

Discovery Travel and Living is all set to don a new name and look from September.

The channel has been renamed TLC (Travel and Living Channel). The change is a part of a global initiative by Discovery to bring its lifestyle channel, Discovery Travel and Living, in various countries under the single brand name of TLC.

In its flagship market, the United States, the channel is already known as TLC and with this change, the lifestyle channel in Asia, too, will be known as TLC.

Discovery Travel and Living is now TLC
Rahul Johri, senior vice-president and general manager, India, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, says, "With the new name, we are taking the premier lifestyle channel to a new sphere in terms of programming and packaging. The new logo, look and feel of TLC is more hip, trendy and cool."

The new logo is a rendition of the global image of the lifestyle channel - with the letters TLC in white standing out against a red background.

Johri stresses that the rebranding exercise will be accompanied by new innovative formats, spunkier hosts and swankier locales.

In the coming months, the channel will see 15 premiere shows, six new hosts, 11 new seasons of its popular shows such as Living with a Superstar-Shah Rukh Khan and Vir Sanghvi's Asian Diaries.

The new shows include Everyday Exotic, Fun Asia, Shimmy, Sea Nation and Glutton for Punishment. TLC will offer viewers more than 150 hours of content, covering subjects such as extreme adventure, makeover, travel and cuisine.

Johri also shares that Discovery Travel and Living, launched in 2004 in India, has proved to be one of the most successful offerings of the current portfolio of six channels in the country from the stable of Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific.

In 2009, the channel had as many as 400 brands on-board. In terms of viewership, Johri claimed that in 2004, Discovery Travel and Living reached 14 million homes. Currently, it reaches 50 million homes.

Globally, TLC will be available in more than 75 countries by early 2011.