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Salgaocar Football Club revamps identity

The agency has attempted to showcase the passion and the legacy of one of the country's most prestigious football clubs with the new brand identity.

With more sports besides cricket gaining ground in India, football, which has long been one of the more popular sports in the country, has witnessed increased attention. In such a situation, Indian football clubs too are feeling the need to showcase themselves in the public eye.

Salgaocar Football Club revamps identity
Salgaocar Football Club revamps identity
Salgaocar Football Club, one of the country's oldest football clubs, has partnered with Brand Harvest to revamp its positioning and identity.

Formed in 1956 in Goa and owned by the VM Salgaocar Group of Companies, the club's new identity is designed keeping in mind its legacy.

The agency considered factors such as an upsurge in the number of international players playing for Indian football clubs, the increasing popularity of the game in India, the clubs representing at international forums and the increase in fan support. Brand Harvest was briefed to bring alive the passion and depict the true stature of the club.

The agency initiated a launch communication that said, 'It takes 54 years of passion for the sport to become a symbol of glory'. The positioning of the club was summarised with the tag line - More than a game, it's our passion.

"We have conducted in-depth research among die-hard fans of the club, past and current players, management and the coach and found that the sense of ownership and pride is unparalleled and that aspect is important to capture in the new identity," says Ram Gudipati, managing director, Brand Harvest.

On the club's new logo, he says, "The crest form, a symbol of glory, has been chosen as a basis design within which we felt it was important to showcase some of the key associations like mining tools (the foundation of the sponsor), conch (a symbol for new hope and auspicious beginnings) and the ribbon with fire indicating pride and passion."

According to Elaine Colaco, marketing head, Salgaocar Football Club, the identity of the club needed to undergo a change; more so because the club is no longer a corporate division of VM Salgaocar & Bro Pvt Ltd but a separate legal entity.

"The name has been changed to Salgaocar Football Club as football is the focus of SFC and this should be brought out adequately in the club name. To take this forward, we have reshaped our identity through our new logo and anthem. However, although we continue to innovate and develop, our traditions, values and commitment to football and Goa remain the same," Colaco says.