afaqs! news bureauPublished: 22 Mar 2013, 12:00 AM

Mid-Day Pune brings out handwritten front page

The handwritten front page was a part of a campaign for Korp Pens.

As a part of a brand innovation done for Korp Pens, Mid-Day published a handwritten front page with real news content for its Pune edition yesterday, March 21.

Mid-Day Pune brings out handwritten front page
Page 1 of the Pune edition was designed by a specially commissioned calligrapher and an illustrator, Pawan Kumar Tiwary and Jyotishman, in collaboration with the editorial team of the tabloid. The creative was conceptualised by Innocean, Korp's agency.

The page was completely handwritten and was done in parts, followed by compilation of these pieces of illustration and calligraphy into one page.

In an official communiqué, Lattaa Jaaiswwal, founder, Korp Pens, says, "One of the main challenges for any writing equipment manufacturer today is falling sales, primarily driven by the technological revolution. The relevance of the pen is diminished and we need to bring back the warmth into writing." Korp Pens, headquartered at Kolkata, manufactures writing equipment.

Cyriac Matthew, chief operating officer, Mid-Day, says, "With a handwritten front page, we have taken another step in pleasantly surprising our readers and also keeping our advertisers excited."

Sachin Kalbag, executive editor, Mid-Day, says, "Journalists normally take a dim view of marketing innovations, but this one was good enough for the editorial team to be excited about."

B. Sridhar, Group Director, Media Services, Innocean, said: "We are thankful to MiD DAY for having partnered with us in co-creating a first of its kind media innovation. The fact that MiD DAY saw value in this endeavour is really appreciated."The print run for the handwritten issue was the usual 1 lakh copies.

For the record, Mid-Day is a part of Jagran Prakashan (JPL), a media and communications group with its interests spanning across print, OOH, activations, mobile and online. The tabloid is available in Mumbai and Pune.