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Zee News takes punch line

Zee News has blocked the evening time slot for the new humour-based news bulletin.

It seems that the Hindi news channels are on a content-trial spree. After the launch of a music-based talk show on Aaj Tak, Zee News is now launching a humour-based news show on the channel. Remember something similar on CNN-IBN, called The Week That Wasn't and on IBN7, called Faking News, both anchored by Cyrus Broacha?

Zee News takes punch line
Zee News takes punch line
Christened Double Dose, Zee News' new show serves humour and news on the same plate. The show brings to the screen the two wacky radio jockeys from Radio Mirchi, Anant and Saurabh.

The show aims to combine humour with serious news. The channel, on the other hand, has put down strict guidelines while selecting the type of news pieces for this segment. All news related to tragedies, accidents and mishaps will be kept out of this show. Sudhir Chaudhary, editor, Zee News, explains that issues such as entertainment, sports, inflation and rising prices will be raised in the new show.

The channel suggests that the insight for the show comes from the overriding thought that one is more receptive to information when in a lively mood. Chaudhary adds, "Almost everyone keeps generating humour out of news in their informal and candid discussions. Otherwise, news becomes very dry. We have just tried to add some flavour to it."

Targeting the youth from college and young professionals (18-35 years), Zee News has blocked the evening time-slot from 6:30 pm to 7.30 pm and a repeat telecast at 10:30 pm, every Monday to Thursday for the new humour-based news bulletin. The look and feel of the show is very youthful and vibrant, explains Chaudhary.

Zee News takes punch line
The channel recently announced an interactive show, called Daily News and Views, to be launched at the 9 pm band.

The channel is sure that the show will be liked by the viewers and keep the channel ahead of its competition. With the launch of 'Double Dose' and a few other upcoming shows, Zee Media is trying to stand out of the clutter in the Indian news television segment and create a niche of its own, suggests the channel.

RJ Anant adds, "Our voices have now got a face through Zee News. There is so much of mediocre things happening on television, so we have decided to take it one step further and do something really bad on news television. Our tagline will be 'Aap Ghabraiye, Hum Hai'.