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SureWaves partners with Hansa Research

Hansa Research to carry out third party audit and validation of the entire SureWaves Spot TV Network.

SureWaves MediaTech, a media convergence pioneer, aggregating television audiences on diverse and fragmented Cable and Satellite channels in the country, has announced its association with Hansa Research, an independent media audit agency, to carry out third party audit and validation of the entire SureWaves Spot TV Network.

The association of Hansa Research with SureWaves Spot TV Network aims to bring an additional seal of accountability to a revolutionary, new age media platform, fulfilling a long felt industry need and is likely to cause a major shift in media buying on television.

With the help of its innovative and patented technology SureWaves claims to have aggregated more than 450 television channels on its digital platform offering around 90 million households across 29 states in India.

The Third Party Audit and Validation of the SureWaves Spot TV Network by Hansa Research will cover Random Physical Verification of Technology Deployment at Channel Studios and Online Audit and Validation of SureWaves ADEX Logs with Live monitoring of channels.

Srinivasan Raman, executive director of Hansa Research says, "We are very excited to be a part of this endeavor and we believe in the potential of new age media platforms. Coming from an audience research background we knew large audiences are available on Cable TV Channels and SureWaves Spot TV Network truly tries to address the industry level problem of adding to supply side of audiences for advertisers and media agencies. We are happy to be associated with this large format innovation and look forward to our work helping the industry at large."

SureWaves partners with Hansa Research
Rajendra Kumar Khare, chairman and managing director of SureWaves comments, "SureWaves Spot TV Network today offers large and diverse audiences across the length and breadth of the country in market based clusters. Advertisers and media agencies alike have shown tremendous faith and commitment towards our initiative. To further increase the trust and confidence levels we felt that opening of the technology behind SureWaves Spot TV Network to third party audit and validation by a reputed research agency like Hansa is a logical step forward."

"The industry we operate in has many unorganized aggregators and we felt this could be a required step to create Gold Standard for our offering. This will also help our channel partners better understand our commitment and vision towards the industry," Khare adds.

SureWaves Spot TV Network claims to have more than 100 national advertisers from sectors such as FMCG, Cellular Phone Services, Online Retail, Personal Healthcare, Automobiles and BFSI. A large thrust of this spend is coming from brands who are targeting the bullish demand in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the country.

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