afaqs! news bureauPublished: 9 Apr 2015, 12:00 AM

Kellogg's virtual dietician is a hit with women

The cornflakes brand is educating women on correct weight management solutions through a dedicated microsite.

As maintaining work-life balance becomes increasingly daunting, women tend to ignore their physical wellness. In a bid to help them with their dietary and weight related issues, Kellogg's Special K had launched a dedicated microsite 2013. The Special K brand is heavily promoted by its brand ambassador Deepika Padukone.

Ever since its launch, the platform has attracted over 50, 000 women who have downloaded over six lakh tailored meal plans to fit independent lifestyles and help them stay on track. The microsite has sections and features from free personalised meal plans for everyday weight management and the two-week challenge, to shopping lists, exercise and fitness tips, blogs to success tracking dashboard and more.

Kellogg's virtual dietician is a hit with women
Highlighting the relevance of this platform, Harpreet Singh Tibb, marketing director, Kellogg's India, says, "Kellogg's Special K has consistently strived to be an ally for women who are on their weight management journey. We are proud to introduce a platform which will assist them to start their journey and stay committed to their individual goals with free personalised solutions, complemented by positive inspiration to reclaim their lives."

Kellogg's Special K aims to inspire these women by keeping their weight management journey on track, prioritise for themselves better and ensure that their new-found confidence helps them 'Get Back to Life'. Women can choose to take the two-week challenge plan to kick-start a weight management journey and continue with the everyday weight management plan to maintain body weight, or they can directly take the everyday weight management plan as well.

Once the goal has been set, the user's meal preferences are taken into account, and an exclusive, personalised plan is designed especially for the woman. The platform also aims to boost their morale through tips and tools as well as a success tracking dashboard. Special K women also can invite their friends to take the two-week challenge along with them through the website, and track their progress together.

For the record, Kellogg's Special K claims to be a 98 per cent low-fat breakfast option that as part of a low fat well-balanced diet and a regular exercise regime can assist to maintain weight.

In India, Kellogg's is primarily focussed on educating the Indian consumers about the importance of breakfast cereal by driving the 'goodness of cereal' agenda. Kellogg's is known for its flagship brand Kellogg's Corn Flakes with its five variants. It also offers Chocos with three variants and Kellogg's Honey Loops targetted at kids. The company's portfolio in India also includes Kellogg's Special K; Kellogg's All Bran Wheat Flakes; four variants of Kellogg's Extra Muesli, Kellogg's Oat-bites and the Kellogg's range in seven variants, available in Rs. 10 single-serve pouches. In August 2010, Kellogg's forayed into the hot cereal segment in India with the launch of Kellogg's Heart-to-Heart Oats and in 2013 two savoury oats variants (Tomato Salsa and Green Pudina) were launched.