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DY Works appoints Amrita Chowdhury as business head

Chowdhury was previously country director of publishing firm Harlequin.

Brand strategy and design firm DY Works has appointed Amrita Chowdhury as business head.

DY Works appoints Amrita Chowdhury as business head
Prior to joining DY Works, Chowdhury was the country director of publishing firm Harlequin in India. She has also written two fiction books and contributes regularly in mainstream media, magazines and electronic platforms.

An alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Chowdhury obtained an MS from University of California, Berkeley, and then an MBA from Carnegie Mellon. She has worked in the fields of chip manufacturing, strategy consulting and has also led the Harvard Business School education portfolio in India. She holds seven US patents for semi-conductor manufacturing.

Speaking on the occasion, Alpana Parida, president, DY Works, says, "Amrita joins us at a critical time as we are searching for new ways to do things and living our India-centric approach through greater exploration. It is incredibly exciting that she is not from the world of branding or communication and, thus, will bring a fresh perspective to what we do and add immense value to strategic initiatives of the company, going forward."

In August this year, Santosh Desai invested in the company in his personal capacity. Having established its presence across Corporate, Consumer and SME practices, with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, DY Works is now focussing on rural markets. The company is currently conducting an extensive rural research to understand the emerging consumer - new behaviours and beliefs in over 150 villages, first-hand.