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Extract from Piyush Pandey's Pandeymonium

A peek at The Afterward in Piyush Pandey's recently launched novel Pandeymonium.

Extract from Piyush Pandey's Pandeymonium
, Piyush Pandey, executive chairman and creative director, Ogilvy & Mather, India and South Asia, said, "... people have been speculating about my career... passing judgments and saying, 'This is what he is going to do'... It is insensitive to speculate without thinking about the consequences... the speculation can make my new clients insecure. Old clients know me. But it can still make people insecure. And despite my various statements, this speculation went on and on. I just thought I should express myself. I thought I may as well answer all the 'whys'."

A look at the four page-long Afterward, titled 'Why I Never Started My Own Agency', in which Pandey answers all the 'whys', and how.