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John Players Jeans Twitter campaign is all about variety

The campaign, #JPJFlipographs, talks about the multi-dimensional lives that the youth of today aspire to live, and which falls in line with the brand's positioning.

Variety is often said to be the spice of life. The new and different things that one, particularly the youth, can accomplish, make life interesting. Driven by the same thought, John Players Jeans, the denim youth brand from ITC, recently executed a digital campaign titled #JPJFlipographs. The campaign that started on December 31, 2015, and will continue for a while, is aimed at conveying the brand proposition of 'Being multi-faceted'.

John Players Jeans Twitter campaign is all about variety
As part of the campaign, a series of six images depicting the attributes of multi-facetedness were put up on the brand's twitter handle (@ITCJohnPlayers), where upon clicking the Click Here option, a different image would flip open instead of the same image getting enlarged, which is what usually happens.

Each image shows different people leading two different lives -- one, that of their usual work life, while the other depicts the life that they love to live. For instance, the image of a banker working on his computer changes into that of a DJ spinning a track when clicked; similarly, a scientist using a microscope transforms into an explorer looking for the perfect shot from his camera, or a lawyer who turns into a choir conductor.

Talking about numbers, the innovative digital campaign garnered more than 500 re-tweets, and created over 2,000 conversations on December 31, 2015 alone.

John Players Jeans Twitter campaign is all about variety
Speaking about the campaign, Atul Chand, divisional chief executive, ITC's Lifestyle retailing business division, says, "JPJFlipographs is another initiative from John Players to bring technology and fashion together in a meaningful way. The campaign beautifully integrates the brand message with digital innovation creating multi-fold conversations. John Players Jeans has been pushing the envelope to be cutting edge in terms of products portfolio as well as using newer engagement platform to connect with the youth."
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