afaqs! news bureauPublished: 14 Apr 2016, 12:00 AM

Pakistani music video Angel gets over one million views

An unusual story of a businessman turned lyricist, singer, and video director who just "swooped in with a message of peace, love and harmony".

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Angel, a music video sung by Pakistani singer Taher Shah, has recorded more than one million views on YouTube within four days of its being uploaded on the video sharing site. The video, which was uploaded on April 8 on YouTube, has already received over one million views.

Angel has not just gone viral, but has also topped Twitter's trending list in India and Pakistan and has been ranked third across the globe. Singer (Taher) Shah has been described by The Washington Post as the "world's most bizarre YouTube star" who has "swooped in with a message of peace, love and harmony". Shah is also credited with writing the song lyrics and even directing the music video.

Shah, a Karachi-based businessman who doesn't seem to be a trained singer, first came into the limelight two years ago when his first music video, Eye-to-Eye, which was uploaded on YouTube on May 3, 2013, received wide popularity among the video sharing sites. Until filing this report, the Eye-to-Eye song-video had recorded 211,216 views on YouTube.

Considering how Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali's Mumbai and Pune concerts were cancelled last October after protests by local politicians, it's actually good to know Shah has chosen the digital medium to communicate his message of love, peace and harmony to people living in his own country, as well as abroad without having to worry about any obstacles on the way.