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Durex cashes on its youth-centric image, launches Durex Jeans!

Durex, the popular condom brand, enters into apparel category, set to launch Durex Jeans.

Creating brand recognition is unarguably the foremost goal for a company looking to forge a connection with its target audiences. It is a win-win situation for an entity, if a consumer can correctly identify its products or service just by looking at the logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign.

Durex, the condom brand, is one such name that enjoys high brand recall among its customers. It is often viewed as a vibrant and youth-centric brand which is synonymous to contraceptives and protection. Also, the brand has been successful in conveying the notion that responsibility, respect and safety can be the enablers of fun and fulfilling life.

Durex cashes on its youth-centric image, launches Durex Jeans!

Citing its strong foothold among the Indian youth, Durex has been constantly innovative with their brand campaigns for its bold and responsible customers. Staying true to its brand proposition, Durex has come up with yet another youth-centric product – Durex Jeans.

This switch from primarily being a condom brand to adopting Denim as the product line is surprising but yet an interesting development from a brand’s business perspective. Durex has credited its intensive research and partnership with world's top creative minds behind the launch of this disruptive idea in the market.

Following is the excerpt of our conversation with Mr. Rohit Jindal, Marketing Director, Reckitt Benckiser, India, on Durex's augmentation from a condom brand to embracing denims.

Question-Durex has always been a condom brand, why you feel there is a need for brand extension by launching Durex Denims?

“Durex has a strong connect with the youth as it is considered to be a brand which is young, adventurous & zesty and at the same time reliable and safe. Durex has been found to have the highest “top of the mind” recall among its targeted customer profile over and over again.

Therefore, it made a lot of sense to launch Durex Jeans -which again is something strongly connected with the youth, to create a new product which is aligned to Durex’s reputation for exacting quality standards across all it categories. And we are confident that this new product of ours will have a tremendous connect with the youngsters who are familiar with our product range and also generate the interest of new users.”

Question- How has been the experience of developing a product in a new category for a brand like Durex?

“For Durex Jeans we have got world’s best designers to draw out the very essence of Jeans keeping with the Durex style - right down to the signature blue color and the “twill” texture of the surface which gives strength and elasticity, the driving elements of the power and pleasure that comes along with it and guaranteeing to be a perfect fit for the wearer irrespective of shape and body type. We promise the best fit to all which is the primary driver in the Jeans category.

Durex Jeans is a ground breaking concept which encompasses all that Durex has come to be known for – youth, dynamism, responsibility, style, fun, comfort, adventure and it will be available at your nearest store. We have had the finest global designers and technicians work on its concept and development, and we are confident of taking the market by storm with our new offering, Durex Jeans.”

Question-What kind of response do you expect for Durex Jeans?

“We expect to create a big ripple in the market with True Blue from Durex Jeans which is a highly differentiated offering when compared to our competitors and it is bound to become a buzzword with our target segment.

Durex Jeans certainly promises exciting times ahead for our customers with their groove, convenience, ease, afford ability and the ability to go on and beyond and resonate with the Durex quality.”