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Love, Laugh, Cry, Wow and Buy: Facebook Awards 2017 is all about the work that moved people!

The 2017 Facebook Awards is looking to honour and celebrate some of the best creative campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that moved people and helped businesses grow.

Today Facebook stands tall as a platform where friends connect and share experiences online. But more than the social platform for friends, Facebook has grown into becoming a one-stop shop for businesses to market themselves through interactions with customers and self-promotions. Whether it’s a big brand or a small business employing handful of people, marketers are channelising business promotion activities on Facebook, a platform that features nearly a billion potential customers.

Thus, Facebook is back yet again with the sixth annual edition of the Facebook Awards. The company opened the entries on March 21, 2017 and the deadline for submissions is April 28, 2017.

Launched in 2012, the Facebook Awards (previously known as the Facebook Studio Awards) recognises the best creative work done on the platform, and the sixth year of the initiative has brought some refreshing changes along with it. This year Facebook is celebrating the work that stirred people's emotions and helped businesses grow. Since moving people require extraordinary creativity that leaves an impact on the audiences and translates into engagements, Facebook found it worth celebrating.

Love, Laugh, Cry, Wow and Buy: Facebook Awards 2017 is all about the work that moved people!

In the ongoing promotional campaigns, Facebook has positioned the 2017 Awards as - "One show. Five categories. And a million different ways to move people".

Precisely, Facebook is looking to award the most innovative, enchanting and emotionally provocative advertising that has run across Facebook between April 1, 2016 and April 28, 2017. The term “Facebook” here refers to its full family of apps and services including Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

And via Facebook Awards, the platform is trying to recognize the best marketing communication practices. However, the most important question here is that what makes for an effective entry?

Notably, the work submitted at the Facebook Awards would be judged by the global jury. The panel would have Creative Shop's Andrew Keller and some of the most respected names in the advertising world to review the work.

So, if your work created laughter, provoked tears or inspired people, Facebook Awards 2017 is the place to showcase it. For more information on the entry process, category details and eligibility criteria please visit the Facebook Awards page.