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The Viral Fever launches TVF Machi to target the Tamil market

Dubbed versions of TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates season 1 to be launched soon.

Arunabh Kumar's online video platform, The Viral Fever, announces the launch of its Tamil Channel - TVF Machi. The channel will have dubbed versions of popular TVF Originals in Tamil. "There is a lot of demand for our content in regional markets; Tamil is one of the biggest of them and that is why we decided to start with that. Then we will move to Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati gradually," informs Vijay Koshy, Brand Head, TVF.

The Viral Fever launches TVF Machi to target the Tamil market

The brand has partnered with India's Rummy game company, Rummy Circle, for this new venture. Rummy Circle will be integrated into various activations that TVF will do across platforms to promote the Tamil Version. "The deal with Rummy Circle is for two of our web-series, permanent roommates (season 1) and Pitchers," Koshy further informs.

The Viral Fever launches TVF Machi to target the Tamil market

Vijay KoshyThe interesting part is the series has brands integrated into the content, Pitchers has Kingfisher and Permanent Roommates season 1 has Common Floor; but will they stay? "No" says Koshy and continues with an explanation, "All the content will be modified for regional channels so that there is no confusion regarding the brands. Yes, the brand might get a little visibility, but the sound that sheds light on the visibility won't be there."

Sachin Uppal, CMO, Play Games24x7, adds, "We believe local Indian content in local Indian languages is the right approach to engage and entertain Indian audiences. This partnership with TVF and one of the highest rated Web Series, TVF Pitchers, is a great step forward to spread awareness. The show talks about entrepreneurship and belief in your skills despite all challenges in life which is also the spirit of the Rummy game. A great Rummy player sticks to his skills and fights his way to the top."

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