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Byju's undergoes a logo change

The refreshed logo will reflect across company's messaging and engagement with users across the board.

Byju's, the learning app brand, has unveiled its new identity and refreshed brand logo. Celebrating personalised and life-long learning experiences, the new logo signifies the 'window to learning' that Byju's opens up for students across grades and geographies.

Byju's undergoes a logo change
Top (Old Logo) and Bottom (New Logo)

Conceptualised from crowd sourced ideas from within the organisation, the refreshed logo has been designed by the in-house design and brand team. The new logo represents Byju's vision to transform learning in India backed by technology. The concept of 'window to Learning' has been represented by a 'B' that is angled to bring in the element of playfulness on an 'Auber' (the official name of the Byju's purple colour) tile, which has now become synonymous with the brand.

The depth in the 'B', the 'Auber' tile and minimal look and feel of the new logo helps break the clutter and stands out across print and digital platforms . The softer edges reflect the friendly, adaptable and inclusive nature of the brand.

Unveiling the refreshed logo, Mrinal Mohit, chief operating officer, Byju's, says in a press release, "The refreshed brand logo reflects our promise to create and deliver the best personalised and engaging learning experiences for students across grades. In the last six years, we have worked towards transforming learning in India and our new logo honors this journey and lays out a strong base for the future. While developing the new logo, we focused on three key elements - one, the new logo had to reflect simplicity and the fact that Byju's is every child's friendly learning companion; two, resonate with the brand's focus to keep the curiosity alive amongst children and three, celebrate and encourage self-initiated learning. We strongly believe that the refreshed logo truly embodies these brand facets and represents the innovative and transformational journey of Byju's."

Byju's undergoes a logo change
Mrinal Mohit
Byju's undergoes a logo change
Divya Gokulnath

The new identity symbolises the spirit and determination to know more and celebrates the brand being a window and a platform to explore and recreate their childlike curiosity.

Divya Gokulnath, director, Byju's, says in a press release, "As Byju's continues to grow, it is imperative that we constantly evolve to stay relevant to our audiences. This new brand identity stands testament to our continued commitment of providing personalised, simple, engaging and contextual learning for students. The space in the 'B' represents the 'window to Learning' that welcomes every student to paint their imagination and bring it to life. The purple colour of BYJU'S has become synonymous with the brand today, which stands for the vibrancy of the brand and the enthusiasm to learn more and remain curious."

The refreshed personality will reflect across company's messaging and engagement with users across the board. It will help every stakeholder experience a fun, friendly and personalized BYJU'S learning experience at every touch point.