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Would you pee on doctor's visiting card?

No? Not even if the card doubles up as a pregnancy test?

Business cards are an integral part of any company or individual’s branding. However, Dr Kiran S. Gautam, gynaecologist and obstetrician, has released a new business card (‘The Good News Card’) that also serves as a pregnancy test. The card has been designed by Dentsu Webchutney Innovation Lab.

The card is divided into two units: information and pregnancy test. User needs to tear the pregnancy test portion and dip it into urine. The pregnancy test reacts to the urine and tells the user whether she is pregnant or not.

Would you pee on doctor's visiting card?
The Good News Card

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Gautam says in a press note, “My brief to the agency was very clear. I wanted something that could remind women of me when it mattered the most. The agency came back with the idea of a card that tests pregnancy. It is innovative and highly memorable. Even if people don’t use it, I am sure they will keep it.”

Would you pee on doctor's visiting card?
Sudesh Samaria
Would you pee on doctor's visiting card?
Gurbaksh Singh

Sudesh Samaria, co-founder and chief creative officer, Dentsu Webchutney, adds, “The project came to life after intense research in the paper selection and printing techniques. We roped in India’s leading print design and paper expert to work on this project. After creating the first set of prototypes, it took us several weeks to get things right. This card has medical usage which posed challenges of its own. We are happy to have braved them all.”

Gurbaksh Singh, chief creative technologist, Dentsu Webchutney, says, “This card is a testimony to the fact that innovation is not limited to any medium or category. We are exploring new horizons in the space of innovation and we believe that every problem can be solved through an apt innovation.”

The branding has been extended to a direct mailer as well. The mailer too can test pregnancy while providing all the relevant information to the users.