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For all things Marathi there is Planet Marathi

Catering to the growing online Marathi community, the web channel is the single largest Marathi web platform.

For all things Marathi there is Planet Marathi
Mahesh Manjrekar

Regional content has seen a growth in the recent past. Many regional language channels and web platforms have come up providing a staple of content for the particular dialect. And the internet is helping in increasing the accessibility to these platforms. In such times, the need-of-the-hour was to have a Marathi channel that can cater to the needs of the growing Marathi audience which is to the tune of 73 million.

Planet Marathi turns out to be the perfect answer to the Marathi audience and the market. Planet Marathi stands today as the only Marathi digital medium in the media and entertainment spectrum with an impressive assortment of content and news. The web channel brings with it a fresh array of original content that promises to highlight and showcase the rich and vibrant culture of Maharashtra and Marathi. Art, culture, films, theatre, music, dance, entertainment, literature, politics, news, society, history, and tourism are the major fields where Planet Marathi is currently playing. This makes it bigger than its TV and web counterparts resulting in it being the single largest Marathi web platform.

For all things Marathi there is Planet Marathi
Ajay Atul
For all things Marathi there is Planet Marathi
Raju Parulekar

The channel currently serves its audience with a variety of shows namely Manjha Bole, a talk show by the eminent actor Mahesh Manjrekar; Lal Bhaari - another talk show hosted by Amit Bhandari - has seen popular music composers Ajay-Atul and the star cast of the film Rakshaas share their stories; #Faces, a show on the real-life stories of the common man, hosted by well known political analyst, journalist, and writer Raju Parulekar already has 2 successful seasons and is planned for a renewal. The channel is gaining heavy traction which is the reason almost all of the Marathi movies in the last half-year have heavily promoted themselves on it.

The USP of the channel - to bring the grandeur of the Marathi culture and history - was visible when the channel live-telecasted the Ganpati Puja from the residence of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The coverage along with that of Lalbagcha Ganpati was exclusive to planet Marathi and proves its might in the regional Marathi space.

The channel has some serious and impressive plans for the future. Talk shows, travel shows, originals, IPs on Arts, Entertainment, Politics, Literature, History, are in the pipeline. The channel is looking to enhance, propagate, and create awareness and wishes to tap 35 million Marathi internet users from all age groups.

Planet Marathi is currently at the top of regional Marathi content in India. And with the shows slated for future, the man who started it all, Akshay Bardapurkar, is confident that it will become one of the most trusted names in regional Marathi content globally. Akshay brings with him a unique zest to make Marathi content more original, innovative, and entertaining besides bringing back the richness of its culture. With partnerships with Twitter, it is the only web platform empowered with live streaming of events, shows and programmes exclusively for Marathi content. For the Marathi audience in India and around the world, Planet Marathi is the channel to keep a tab on.

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