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Lowe Lintas to handle creative duties for Remit2India

The business will be handled by the Mumbai office of Lowe Lintas.

Global online money transfer service Remit2India, recently gave its creative mandate to Lowe Lintas as part of its plans to re-launch in markets across the world. Remit2India is the direct-to-consumer brand of Nyuvo, which is now owned by Finablr and the U.A.E. Exchange Group.

As part of the enhanced business strategy, the brand is working with Lowe Lintas on creating clutter-breaking, digital-first communication for its audiences across the world. The business will be handled by the Mumbai office of Lowe Lintas.

Lowe Lintas to handle creative duties for Remit2India

India receives almost $70 billion annually from its diaspora across the world and being a highly competitive and commoditized market, the new communication strategy is aimed at highlighting the unique brand promise to the target audience.

According to Achal Shah, chief business and marketing officer for Nyuvo, "We are a global, digital, direct-to-consumer business that enjoys a strong brand affinity with the Indian diaspora. With the changing market dynamics that increasingly focus on the transactional aspect of the business, we wanted to couple our significantly improved proposition with a strong messaging campaign that talks about how we are more than just about getting money transferred across the globe. Given Lowe Lintas' impressive track record, we are looking forward to together creating something that's totally fresh and communicates our values and proposition to our global Indian audiences across the world."

Commenting on the win, Raj Gupta, CEO - Lowe Lintas, says, "We are delighted with this association to work with a global fintech company. In today's digital age consumers, however far and apart, have collective clusters which are emotionally and culturally driven by their roots. For us, addressing this tribe of global Indians through a digital-first approach is an interesting challenge, be it their identity or their communication."

Anaheeta Goenka, president - Lowe Lintas says, "We are proud to partner and create for Remit2India. It's a great challenge as it is a category which is completely transactional with a consumer who is quintessentially "illogically emotional" about his homeland. And for a brand which is unseen, except for a few seconds on a screen, we aim to create a new era of 'click and connect'".

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