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Unveiling the Vidooly Report 2018

What is the Vidooly Report and why is it important for digital publishers?

Digipub World 2018 also witnessed the unveiling of the Vidooly Report on Online Video Publishers - India 2018. Vidooly describes itself as a cross-platform video intelligence for content creators, advertisers and media companies.

Launched four years ago, Vidooly provides actionable analytics about different genres, audience interests and content trends that can help brands and video creators make better content - content that resonates with their viewers.

This year's Vidooly Report has expanded its platform analysis from just YouTube because of the rise in video content creators in India. The Online Video Publishers Report - India 2018 analyses the top four video content platforms in India - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch.

The Report was unveiled on stage at Digipub World 2018 by Shouneel Charles, senior vice president, digital Times Network. He was accompanied by Nishant Radia, co-founder, Vidooly and Preeti Jadhav, vice president, Vidooly.

"The report," said Jadhav, "is an attempt from our side to put together the top 10 in each of the categories on digital platforms. And this time it is not just YouTube. There is Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. These are the top 10 publishers who have done something different consistently to attract the audiences - and keep them engaged. Each is doing something to create content which the audience and viewers want and keep coming back for more."

Said Charles: "We have been following this Report for the last year or so and it is good to see it in a hard copy. Most of us see it online once a month. Many of us are trying to pivot video and the data around video and what this country is consuming, something that was all over the place earlier. This report gives some method to the madness - in terms of what's working, which sites are doing well, and what kind of content is working."

Unveiling the Vidooly Report 2018
(L-R)Nishant Radia, Preeti Jadhav and Shouneel Charles

Radia had a point to make. "A lot of content is being consumed but monetisation is the problem. In an earlier session, Srinivasan (of Vikatan) pointed out that a lot of his audience was watching his TV content on the YouTube channel and how difficult it was to convince advertisers to bet their monies on the latter. There is a gap there. When tier 2, tier 3 cities and multiple languages come into play, we actually don't know what the audience is consuming. And it is not just about the generic categories. If you are able to dig deep into the sub categories and understand a 35-year-old mother sitting in Delhi, Hyderabad or Indore, what kind of content that person likes to consume and then have content strategy based on that and use this data to back it up when pitching to advertisers, I think it can make a huge difference to pitches and also in terms of shaping the eco system."

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