Sudipto AdhicaryPublished: 4 Nov 2018, 5:53 PM
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BIGFM launches 10 programmes to celebrate the festive spirit of its listeners

...through platform agnostic content that reaches beyond radio to social media.

The time of the year when each morning brings with it the excitement of festivals is here! Be it the morning offering of flowers in Durga Puja, the awe of crackers lighting up the sky in Diwali, the mothers’ love for her child in Chhath, or the joy of again being a child on Children’s day, there is something to look forward to. And in the midst of all of these, one friend who we listen to every day, is also delving in the celebrations with us – our beloved radio station BIGFM!

BIGFM launches 10 programmes to celebrate the festive spirit of its listeners

BIGFM has launched 10 new programmes to give its listeners the daily dose of entertainment mixed with serious discussions, behind the-scenes trivia, financial advice coupled with unique activation options for brands and advertisers. Adding to its roster of festive spikes, shows, and on-ground initiatives, these programmes perfectly rhyme with the brand ethos of Suno Sunao Life Banao!


• Big Nau Deviyan will celebrate the power and glory of Indian women

in all its grandeur through stories of 9 personalities along with a Music Video. It will be an hourly special airing from October 10 to 18.

• Bolo Durga Ma ki will discover and celebrate the real-life Durgas who have broken the evil of stereotyping and have shone brilliantly like the Goddess herself through their individual inspiring stories.

• Sura maayi Chhath will be an on-air and on-ground celebration of the unique festival of a mother praying for the welfare of her son to the God of Sun and Light.

• Big Teen Patti will be an hourly on-air segment where a celebrity will ask three questions to the listeners who would have to get all the answers correct in order to win prizes!

• Recode What Children Want will be a Children’s day special and will bring together career experts who will guide and mentor children in finding their hidden interest and honing their potential so they choose the career they would love.


• Badta Chal Finance Segment is a first-of-its-kind business and finance show on radio that will help listeners get sound financial advice from market experts and be updated on the stock market. After all, we all need an expert to help guide us through our money.

• Gadgetted Officer will sharpen our knowledge about all the cool and slick gadgets and consumer durables that we are tempted to buy during the festival season.

• Big Golden Voice will enter its sixth season with more talent coming on board and carving their niche.


• Neelesh Misra who has always taken us on a dreamy and often emotional ride with his words will be travelling to 12 cities for a story-telling tour with live concerts. Listeners can now see the man behind the baritone voice who melts their hearts with his proses and poetry every time.

Another popular show that will be held on-ground is the Suhana Safar with the impeccable Annu Kapoor. The record-breaking 5-year-running show will continue with its captivating format but this time live in concert, bringing the timeless musical magic to life!

Each show has been structured in a way to cater to brand associations optimally giving maximum exposure, engagements, and recall. RJ mentions, product placements, audience engagements, digital branding, BIG Concert Truck branding, and sponsorships are just a few options for the advertisers thereby, making BIGFM stand as a strong choice for advertisers. Let the festivals begin!