Debashish ChakrabortyPublished: 29 Jan 2019, 6:49 AM
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COLORS’ presents Gathbandhan, a gripping love story between a gangster and a righteous IPS officer

Watch Raghu and Dhanak’s queer romance unfold, every Monday to Friday at 9:00 pm, starting 15th January, 2019.

They say love is found when you are least searching for it. But love is hard to find so what do you do when it comes entangled in complexities of laws, conflicting lives, opposing value systems, family tussles and a bond of life time? Showcasing the uncommon epitome of love, COLORS is back with a love-smitten and captivating saga titled Gathbandhan. The story revolves around two people who despite of having contrasting personalities lovingly come into the holy bond of marriage. Produced by Jay Mehta Productions, the show premiers on 15 January 2019 and will air every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM.

COLORS’ presents Gathbandhan, a gripping love story between a gangster and a righteous IPS officer

Gathbandhan explores the not-so-sweet but surely love-drooling journey of Dhanak and Raghu. Dhanak, portrayed by Shruti Sharma, is an honest and uptight gujarat ni chokri who has high dreams of becoming an IPS Officer. On the other hand Raghu, played by Abrar Qazil, is a marathi gangster who is in the business of extortion. The tipping point arrives when goal-oriented Dhanak marries carefree Raghu unaware of his alleged profession. Another character to watch out for is Savitri Bai, Raghu's mother. As the lovers enter the bond of matrimony, a conflict of epic proportions ensues between Savitri and her new daughter-in-law. What makes the show worth more interesting and watching is the dilemma - Will Raghu be influenced by the his paramour or will their love succumb to the manipulations of his controlling mother?

Commenting on the show, Nina Elavia Jaipuria – Head, Hindi and Kids TV Network, Viacom18 said, “Reinforcing our promise to stay connected and keep our audience engaged and entertained, we are delighted to bring back the evergreen genre of romance with Gathbandhan. The show is a unique alliance of two conflicting cultures, values and worlds. With one being an IPS officer and other being a local don, the show makes for a powerful drama which will ride high on emotions and aspiring dreams.”

Speaking about the concept of the show, Manisha Sharma, Chief Content Officer, Hindi Mass Entertainment said, “Gathbandhan is a tongue in cheek story between a boy, who is a don and a self-righteous girl studying to be a police officer. She wants him arrested along with his mom and he wants to please her to become his bride. The question lies in whether she will be able to convert him? Will she arrest him? With lots of nuances of Gujarati and Marathi families, the storyline will spice up the tashan between the two. With Kesari Nandan, Gathbandhan and Khoob Ladi Mardani Jhansi Ki Rani, we hope to keep viewers entertained with the variety of content that we are offering.”

Jay Mehtaa, founder of Jay Mehtaa Productions, said, “With the authentic bustling backdrop of Mumbai, Gathbandhan chronicles the lives of two individuals who look at their personal and professional values from two different lenses. With the clash of three strong personalities- Dhanak, Raghu and Savitri Bai, the audiences are in for a roller-coaster ride. As these two worlds converge, the question lies in whether it will lead into a battle or will they find love. Adding further, Kinnari Mehtaa, co-founder of Jay Mehtaa Productions, said, Determining and transforming characters with fresh concepts is what we believe in and our synergies matched with COLORS on this front and we are delighted to be associated with them.”

Speaking about her television debut and playing the role of Dhanak, Shruti Sharma said, “I am honored to make my debut with COLORS and portraying a strong character of an IPS Officer with defined principals. Dhanak is an idealistic young girl, who sees the world as black and white and is determined to bring change in society. Her life changes when she learns that her husband Raghu is anything but moral. What happens next, is full of dramatic twists and turns and I hope viewers will enjoy the ride.”

The USP of the show is the three unusual characters who, irrespective of their differences, in characteristic and opinion come together through unexpected circumstances. On one side, Dhadak, with her morally and ethically supremacy is determined to bring her gangster husband, Rajhu, to walk the righteousness path of life, while on the other, wants to be faithful to her dream job of an IPS officer.

Commenting on his role, actor Abrar Qazi who essays the role of Raghu, said, “Essaying the role of a gangster might seem easy to eyes, but turned out to be really challenging. The body language, the dialect, the clothes, it all takes a lot of time to get comfortable with. I am pleased to be associated with COLORS for giving me my debut character which so challenging and unique. I can’t wait to see viewers reaction, when they see this unique love story.”

Adding further, Sonali Naik who plays the role of Savitri, said, “I am playing the role of the lady don of ‘Dashrath chawl’, who is looking for a bahu who will take forward her family’s legacy of money extortion A doting mother, she cannot fathom the idea that her son may give up the life she envisioned for him by marrying a woman like Dhanak. My character will add a flavor of fun and spice to the show and I am sure viewers will enjoy the nuances in Savitri’s characters.”

The grand launch of Gathbandhan was masterfully conceptualized and showcased to the masses through a big fat wedding of Dhanak and Raghu. The union of the two contrasting personalities was graced by daredevils khiladis of Khatron Ke Khiladi - Avika Gor and Sreesanth along with Shilpa Sakhlani from Vish Ya Amrit Sitaara – Ek Vishkanya Ki Kahaani. Thousands of others came to witness the union and bestow their blessing upon the couple who performed every wedding ritual with utmost bliss.

With Gathbandhan or 'Anokha Gathbandhan', COLORS has gone beyond the boy-meets-girl and falls in love story line. It has also offered something new, different and interesting to look upto. With this one-of-a-kind story, the channel has further strengthened its stand in a competition space. With tremendous performance from all three actors (Akrar Qazi, Shruti Sharma and Sonali Jayanti Naik), the unusual epitome of love is worth a love-shot.

Tune in to be a witness of love struggling to evolve in the amidst of all odds with Gathbandhan starting 15 January 2019, every Monday to Friday at 9.00pm only on COLORS.