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Vani Gupta announces launch of Benddit

It is a 'curated platform' that uses a tech algorithm to procure sales and marketing services for entrepreneurs.

Former marketing director of PepsiCo Foods Vani Gupta Dandia has announced the launch of Benddit, a sales and marketing solutions platform, that is designed to help the founders of young enterprises get in touch with verified service providers in the marketing, sales and recruitment spheres.

Benddit does this with the help of a tech algorithm that matches the requirements of its clients - that is, companies seeking specific solutions - to the specialised service providers, basis multiple parameters (example: complexity, stage, relevance, etc). The algorithm scans through Benddit's database of service providers and suggests two to three names with 'scores' - essentially, percentage fit scores to reflect the degree of the 'match' between the two and then facilitates a call between the company and the selected provider.

Benddit also offers to put its clients in touch with neutral third party experts that are in a position to help them get the best out of the selected service provider - and, in turn, help the service provider crack the brief. Benddit stays involved through the project, till the final task is executed. "We find the fabled Prince and we ensure happily ever after," says Benddit co-founder Vani.

Vani Gupta announces launch of Benddit

L-R - Vipul, Vani, Venkat
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Vani's founding partners at Benddit include Venkatesh Rangachari (former head for growth, Shuttl, and COO - Delhi NCR, Airtel) and Vipul Gupta (former Practo, Airtel, PepsiCo and Accenture executive). Three of them were part of the five-member team that launched Hypersonic Advisory recently (along with Nitin Hiranandani, former director, Hewlett-Packard India's printing systems and enterprise division, and Anand Khurana, former EVP, Star TV, and circle CEO for Airtel) but have chosen to branch out.

Vani Gupta announces launch of Benddit

Vani Gupta Dandia

Vani Gupta announces launch of Benddit

Venkatesh Rangachari

Vani Gupta announces launch of Benddit

Vipul Gupta

The founders, who've all worked as business consultants for different early stage, medium and large companies, across different sectors, are of the view that clients typically look for not just strategy, but also execution support through service providers in different fields like SEO, social media marketing, sales expansion, CRM, on-ground activation, PR and market research.

Through their careers, the three founders have come across many recurring client problems - 'How can I build the right product story?', 'How should I expand sales to new geographies or new consumer segments?', 'What should my communication strategy and creative campaign be?', 'What media should I use at what cost?', and so on.

Team Benddit describes its TG as "any and all ambitious enterprises looking for accelerated growth" - people looking to get work done on an assignment basis, rather than though long contracts or heavy retainers.

"... Young entrepreneurs look for service providers in various fields on an assignment basis," says Benddit co-founder Venkatesh, "They want the best quality, at the right price, innovative and flexible, with high service standards and most importantly a service provider that's right for them. Today they're relying on their WhatsApp networks to look for these agencies. That proves inefficient. While we were working with clients we were solving for this via our networks. This is when we realised that there is a need to solve for this, scientifically..."

Adds Benddit co-founder Vipul, "... Benddit is operationally intensive as experts and service providers' access to the platform is by invite, only. All prospective service providers are vetted by us through an extensive sign up process. We are scouring the entire industry across the country to curate the best in every service line. We make the effort of physically meeting every service provider we enlist on the platform, take references, testimonials, review their case studies, visit the office, and make an accurate assessment of their strengths, specialities, potential..."