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"Hey Siri, which is India's No.1 Premium Smartphone?" asks OnePlus

We wonder whether Apple's social media team will respond with a cheeky one liner of its own.

"Hey Siri, which is India's No.1 Premium Smartphone?" asks OnePlus

OnePlus' dare to Apple

In its latest social media dig at Apple's iPhone, Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has dared Apple to ask Siri, iPhone's own voice assistant, about India's top premium smartphone.

The body copy of the ad reads "Hey, Siri which is India's No.1 Premium Smartphone?" The ad surfaced on Facebook and the post is accompanied by a caption that reads "iDare you".

OnePlus has gone all guns blazing in this cheeky frontal attack that takes a two-pronged blow - one at Apple's signature 'i' and two, at its popular voice-based personal assistant 'Siri'.

But that's not it.

A third, even heavier, blow is waiting to land - for this one to spring into action, OnePlus is counting on curious netizens to actually go ahead and ask Siri to name the top premium smartphone brand. We tried it... and voila!

"Hey Siri, which is India's No.1 Premium Smartphone?" asks OnePlus
Siri's result

The search result threw up news updates about OnePlus' soaring sales in the premium smartphone category, surpassing rivals in India to grab the top spot. The news reports cite a 2018 industry report by Counterpoint Research, a global market analysis firm.

OnePlus attributes its stand to the much-cited 2018 market report by Counterpoint Research. What's simply amazing is OnePlus' integration of social media, easily accessible news content on the internet and the voice search function of a rival's own voice assistant feature.

However, it would be interesting to see whether and how Apple responds to the 'iDare'.

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