Deepashree Banerjee

Tata's truckers post stunning visuals on Instagram

Through an Instagram-led contest for its truckers, Tata Motors brings us gasp-worthy pictures of Indian terrains.

Most of us still remember Imtiaz Ali's 2014 road drama Highway, not least for its panoramic shots of raw Indian terrains. Now imagine if Randeep Hooda's character, who sat behind the wheel for the most part, had a smartphone and an Instagram account. Can you imagine the shots he'd post on an hourly basis?

Actually wait, don't imagine. Just sample these photos. We noticed them on Tata Motors' Instagram page. The automobile marketer is running a contest for its truckers called ‘Photo OK Please’ -- a play on 'Horn OK Please, a grammarless yet adorable phrase one sees on the back of trucks and lorries in India.

A multi-lingual website is also in place as a user manual for the participants for registrations, tips, announcing the winners et al.

The idea is to reach out to the 'trucking community' and recognise a sunny side to their otherwise rough day jobs. The contest was launched earlier this week; already 5,500 drivers have registered and over 13,000 photo entries across 21 cities across India have been received by the team.

Participants are required to click a picture, upload it to their Instagram account and tag @tata.trucks. The incentives go as high as prizes worth Rs.75,000.

Whether or not the initiative leads to better digital engagement among Tata's truck drivers in the long term, it sure has our attention.

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