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Back with another innovation, OPPO's F11 Pro lets you click picturesque pictures even during the night time

The soon to be launched phone is equipped with a 48 MP rear camera and Ultra Night mode which lets you take HD quality pictures anytime and anywhere.

Back with another innovation, OPPO's F11 Pro lets you click picturesque pictures even during the night time

Bani J, Soha Ali Khan and Yuvika Choudhary

Famous celebrities like Soha Ali Khan, Yuvika Chaudhary , Aamir Ali, Karan Patel, Sana Khan and Bani J have expressed their support to the high-end back aesthetics of OPPO’s upcoming smartphone. The latest reveal of the powerful back of OPPO F11 Pro along with a camera set up gives the phone an edge and makes the smartphone look stylish and classy. With the OPPO F11 Pro the global smartphone maker is showcasing its technological innovations giving the consumers an experience as unique as themselves.

Today, the Gen-Z largely influences the mobile market and lately, the manufacturers have been offering the millennials exactly what they want which roughly is optimum quality at pocket-friendly prices. The leading mobile company in innovating mobile technology - OPPO – is back again with another flagship model OPPO F11 Pro. The phone is the new addition to it's F series which created quite a stir with its predecessor F9 Pro. From its entry into the Indian smartphone segment almost a decade back, OPPO's technical expertise and its quality to spring back every season with new innovative features have made the brand today a household name.

The OPPO F 11 Pro is crafted efficiently with a 48 MP dual rear camera (AI ultra clear engine with light sensing capability for low light photography). It comprises of AI engine, ultra clear engine and colour engine. The dazzle colour mode ensures that every picture clicked is vivid and clear. It also has a unique mapping curve to restore brightness and colour for your pictures. Following up with the current trend, the phone is also equipped with AI Scene recognition for identifying elements in every picture up to 23 scenes. What is notice-worthy is the Ultra night mode, which makes sure that you get HD quality pictures even during the night time. This updated feature has definitely offered leverage which the brand can get to get ahead in the current race in the handset sector.

One of the key reasons for the brand's continuous success is its ability to offer highlighted specs at a marginal cost. Offering buzzing specifications and at times even competing with premium segment phones have provided the brand an edge over its counterparts. Additionally, the brand is constantly upping its camera game, which has acted as one of the major boosters to its brand proposition.

Lately, though, the mobile segment has been hyped up by brands offering cell phones in the premium category, yet the majority of the Indian population still goes for the mid-price bracket. Thereby, International brands especially OPPO, has carved a niche for itself by continuously reinventing itself, offering optimum products and satisfying the consumer needs from time and again. Starting with a fresh and innovative year, the brand has yet again added its own flair of newness in the already new.

Overall the brand has been constantly in hum with its audience due to its massive celebrity-endorsed campaigns. From A-list actors to television heartthrobs to reality stars, everyone wants to get a hold of the brand's latest offering. For OPPO F11 Pro, the brand has again reached out to Actors and Actresses who were fast enough to click their photos and share it on their Instagram handles. Below are some of the exclusive shots taken by some popular celebs from their OPPO F11 Pro -

Back with another innovation, OPPO's F11 Pro lets you click picturesque pictures even during the night time

Aamir Ali, Sana Khan and Karan Patel