afaqs! news bureauPublished: 27 Feb 2019, 6:34 PM

IndusInd's OOH spots are using 'buttons' to catch eyeballs

The BFSI brand's outdoor spot at the Mumbai airport highlights the button factor of Nexxt, the brand's interactive credit card.

IndusInd bank is tooting around the town about Nexxt, its first-in-India interactive credit card. One of the bank's latest introduction to the market is a credit card with three buttons that allow cardholders to cycle payment options like EMI, reward points or credit.

IndusInd's OOH spots are using 'buttons' to catch eyeballs
IndusInd #PushTheButton

We spotted the brand's latest outdoor spot at the Mumbai airport. The ad highlights the button factor and is coupled with #PushTheButton.

IndusInd's OOH spots are using 'buttons' to catch eyeballs
Standard-Chartered MasterCard’s Display Card

However, the bank in its ad communication is relying heavily on the interactiveness of buttons and the shedding paperwork, calling banks or logging on to banking channels for the three benefits that the cards provide.

The IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card was launched in November last year. It was created in partnership with Dynamics Inc., a US-based firm that designs and manufactures battery-powered payment cards.

Several brands have introduced such interactive cards globally in the past. In 2012, MasterCard Worldwide, in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank Singapore, went on to introduce a card with and LCD display. Singapore’s first interactive payment card used MasterCard’s Display Card technology. While the card works like a regular credit, debit or ATM card, it features an embedded LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons allowing cardholders to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) as an authentication security measure.