afaqs! news bureauPublished: 10 Apr 2019, 5:47 PM

Fizzy Sneakers: Check Out Bata’s Coca Cola ‘flavoured’ shoes

The Bata Heritage collection has launched a collection of sneakers with Coke’s signature red and white branding.

Canadian owned company Bata has partnered with Coca Cola for a new line of shoes. The shoes will be part of the ‘Heritage collection.’ The heritage collection is a range of tennis shoes that was first launched in 2015. The shoes contain Coca Cola’s signature red and white branding. The designs include a pair of white shoes with Coca Cola in every language written on it and another with the design of the metal bottle caps and the brands name on them.

This is the video that they used to announce the launch, on Instagram.

This is not the first time Coca Cola has made its presence felt in the apparel segment. Previously, Coca Cola has tied up with clothing brand Kith and sneaker brand Converse. While Coca Cola x Bata has stayed true to the red and white branding and colours that are universally recognized, Kith took a lot more creative liberty with their designs. Further to their collaboration with Kith, Coca Cola also teamed up with Converse to come up with a range of high top sneakers in the signature ‘Chuck’ style.

A quick glance at the Coca Cola x Kith collection

If you bought merchandise for over $50, Kith customers were gifted a 6-pack of Coca Cola mini cans that looked a little something like this.

A quick Google search for Coca Cola apparel takes you to the official site where you can buy clothes in the signature red and white colours, with some references to the famous pandas that coke has used in their advertising messages in the past.

Fizzy Sneakers: Check Out Bata’s Coca Cola ‘flavoured’ shoes
Clothes aren't the only apparel a user can find on the site
Fizzy Sneakers: Check Out Bata’s Coca Cola ‘flavoured’ shoes
An example of apparel on the Coca Cola site

In the shoe department, Coca Cola has also tied up with Adidas Originals in the past to bring out limited edition Climacool shoes.