afaqs! news bureauPublished: 11 Jun 2019, 6:29 PM

McD makes music with french fries through Spotify tie-up

A look at the international effort.

What is Macdonald's known for?

Aside from burgers, its French Fries, of course!

But the next time you walk into a McDonald's and ask for some McFries you can also avail of some exclusive music access to go with them. The American fast-food giant has teamed up with Spotify to create special playlists for its customers. We recently spotted this global campaign online.

Customers are invited to place their McFries on a code traced on the tray liner. When finished, they can open the Spotify app and scan the code on the liner. After the content syncs with the app, users will be taken to a Spotify profile named "FriesList", specially created for the action. Users can then enjoy their meal and listen to songs from exclusive playlists such as "FriTops of the Moment", "I'm Out of Fries" or "Someone Stole My Fries".

Regarding the effort, UK-based portal - The Drum was quoted as saying, "The deal seeks to modernise the delivery of piped music to business premises from antiquated CDs and local radio stations towards a customised playlist based on commercial insights as to how particular tracks and genres impact on consumer behaviour."

As per the report, Spotify has long sought to capitalise on this potential growth market but faces intense competition from the likes of Apple and Google.

Earlier, homegrown food delivery major - Swiggy, through one of its campaigns, leveraged Instagram's recently launched voice note feature. The brand invited people to recreate the shape of food items on the 'sound wave' function of the Instagram app via direct messages (DM).