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Digital leads India’s first foray into ‘Digital Events’ industry news

Also features new weekly online game shows - ‘For Real -The Fake News Show’ with host, Ashish Shakya and ‘This Week in Movies - The Quiz Show’ hosted by Rohan Joshi.

A few years ago, the idea of thousands of people watching a stand-up comic or an indie musician performing live was unthinkable, and now it’s routine. has always been at the forefront of this change, curating and ticketing thousands of comedy events since its inception in 2014, and has now announced their latest innovation on the platform – ‘Digital events'.

Nestled under the ‘Play it live’ feature on the app, this is the company’s first step towards building a platform for digital events via an integrated, interactive live stream on the app.

“Digital events is an interactive video format where organisers can create new formats that can combine real-time audience reactions, adaptive content, sponsor messaging, commerce and rewards. These events can offer a similar transformational experience as physical events, by allowing fans to engage with each other and the artists, all from the comforts of their living rooms,” explains Shreyas Srinivasan, Founder and CEO, “We are reimagining what mobile video entertainment could be, with weekly app-based shows, beginning with “Hit or Miss” -a live open mic show with real participation from the viewers, followed by a movies based game show and a poll based fake news busting quiz,” he adds. is also plans to build the ability to integrate commerce (both tickets and tipping). It currently offers an integrated rewards systems that allow organisers to reward participants with merchandise and tickets or credit; also merging relevant sponsor content natively via in-video and engagement features for deepening the organiser-fan connect.

SHOWCASE// Hit or Miss – The Online Open Mic has launched the country’s biggest and first of its kind online, live, open mic game show aka “Hit or Miss” where users can tune into live performances by new comics from the comfort of their phones, with an added advantage of being able to give feedback after each set and making their favourite artist win the open mic!

“Hit or Miss is an innovative interactive video format which allows users to participate in real time. It has everything you can expect from an open mic show. With Hit or Miss, users can watch live performances by new comics streamed straight to their mobile with the added advantage of being able to give feedback after each set and make their favourite artist win the open mic!” says Shreyas.

One can join the live stream of the game show every Thursday with a new lineup of comics performing every week. Users judge the performances, and the winner, selected by the users and’s algorithm wins a cash prize of Rs. 10,000.

Open mics in the country are accustomed to have the performer bring in a plus one or pay to perform but Hit or Miss removes that complication. is now opening applications up for comics who want to perform on the show, as well as for audiences who want to watch the broadcast live from their studio in Mumbai.

Apply to perform on Hit or Miss here:

RSVP here to attend the live show:

Weekly shows on Play it Live include:

For Real - The Fake News Show

How many fake news forwards have you read today? If you are the average Indian, you’ve probably received a bunch, just festering in your inbox. The For Real Quiz Show is all about picking out real news from the fake; winners who make it to the last round share a reward of up to Rs. 10,000 credit in their Insider wallet. Plus, is matching this amount with a contribution to a fact-checking, fake news busting agency.

This Week in Movies - The Quiz Show

Made for the ultimate movie buff. This week in movies is a fast paced quiz show, where an incorrectly answered question could eliminate you from the game. Winners split a shared reward of Rs. 10,000 credit in their Insider wallet.

As the platform matures, will continue to innovate on show formats and work with organisers and creators to build digital events that help them reach larger audiences and tap new revenue streams. is committed to creating the perfect platform that allows events to build digital manifestations of their current events, allow year-round engagement with their fans, create new monetisation models and also enable organisers to create and own custom event formats.

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