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Paper Boat's packaging gets holographic revamp

The beverage brand has teamed up with Tetra Pak to for revamped holographic packaging for two of its variants.

Some companies get synonymous with the category they operate in over time. Bisleri is synonymous with bottled water and Xerox is synonymous all over the world with photocopying. Tetra Pak, a company that creates packaging for food and beverage companies and products, is synonymous with food packaging itself. In collaboration with beverage company Paper Boat, Tetra Pak has launched an innovative holographic packaging called Tetra Pak Reflect in India.

The holographic packaging will be seen on Tetra Prisma Aseptic (330ml) packs offering Paper Boat's Alphonso Aamras and Pomegranate flavours. The modern packs are designed to fit in perfectly in consumers' hands to give a comfortable drinking experience.

Paper Boat's packaging gets holographic revamp

Paperboat's new holographic packaging

Paper Boat's packaging gets holographic revamp

The original packaging of Paperboat's anar variant

Paper Boat's packaging gets holographic revamp

The original packaging of Paperboat's aamras variant

Commenting on the launch, Saumya Tyagi, Director Marketing, Tetra Pak South Asia says, "Packaging is a critical stimulus for consumers at the point of purchase, be it e-commerce or retail. Brand owners are therefore looking for options that will help their packaging stand out from the competition. The Tetra Pak Index 2018 reveals that customisation of products and personalisation are set to be key differentiators for brands moving forward."

"Paper Boat as a brand has always successfully stood out from the crowd through its product and packaging innovations. Tetra Pak Reflect is a very exciting innovation and with the holographic packs, we have the chance to create an added 'wow' effect among consumers, and further strengthen our visual identity," adds Neeraj Kakkar, Hector Beverages.

Both the old and new packaging of Paper Boat products will co-exist - but the new range of holographic packs will be available only through ecommerce channels like Grofers and institutional channels like BigBasket Instant. Products in the existing packaging will be available on other retail channels where Paper Boat is normally sold.